Installation of Sound Masking To Protect Client Confidentiality

Customer Name

Greenwoods Solicitors LLP


Contract awarded & completed in May 2017


A refurbishment of Greenwoods Solicitors LLP Peterborough office was undertaken in 2015, involving the modernisation of the existing building.

It was soon realised that sound privacy had been compromised with the installation of floor-to-ceiling glass walls to the suite of meeting rooms. With client confidentiality potentially at risk, Greenwoods wanted a solution to rectify this concern but was not satisfied with various physical sound-proofing options that would have had a negative impact on the appearance of the structures. Realising a more innovative approach was required,

Greenwoods’ management team approached Remark Group, who they were already in talks with regarding the upgrades to the firm’s audio-visual systems and installation of video-conferencing facilities as part of the refurbishment project.


  • Working around a live operating office whilst keeping disruption to a minimum

Actions and Solutions

The Remark Group were able to demonstrate the latest in dynamic sound-proofing techniques in the form of sound masking. As Remark Group itself uses the technology in its own glass meeting room, Greenwoods could see first-hand how the system works in practice. Sound masking creates an unobtrusive, low level background noise which reduces the intelligibility of speech and other noise distractions where it is installed, thereby eliminating the possibility that confidential conversations can be understood.

The key to the installation itself was the requirement to keep disruption to a minimum as the building needed to function normally throughout. By liaising frequently with staff, Remark Group managed the project so as to cause as little disruption as possible to the day to day running of the business, completing the job as planned, within a week. Remark Group was in turn able to use the ambient noise levels of a busy, working office during the commissioning process in order to achieve excellent calibration of the system.

Greenwoods Solicitors Office Manager commented, ““Remark Group provided effective solutions to Greenwoods’ sound masking concerns. The team was straightforward and easy to work with all the way through the process. We have been very pleased with the results”.