Digital Signage For Hospitals

Communicate With Your Patients

How Digital Signage within Healthcare Can Help

Digital signage is an effective way to convey information and engage with your audiences. Used across surgeries and hospitals, it’s perfect for both staff and patient interactions.

With a mix of text, video, live streams and news feeds, digital signage for hospital allows you to convey
messages in ways that engage with your patients and staff that static posters cannot.

Our digital signage solutions are fully customisable to your practices or hospital and we offer a full range of large format displays, mounting brackets, free-standing kiosk displays, room booking tablets and interactive display screens to allow you to communicate exactly as your practice needs to.


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Hygiene is of most importance in a hospital and healthcare setting, digital displays can communicate effective hygiene messages across a hospital campus to ensure everyone is following appropriate hygiene guidelines.

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Reduce Waiting Room Anxiety & Perceived Wait Time

Visitors and patients in a waiting room can often have high levels of anxiety, ensuring that their visit to the hospital is as stress-free as possible is important to their health and wellbeing.

Waiting room signage can help to decrease anxiety, decrease perceived wait time and boredom by providing a focal point and source of entertainment for patients. Utilise digital signage to showcase popular television programmes, such as cooking shows and medical talk shows. Many digital systems also integrate with patient queuing, so clients who are waiting to be seen can actively monitor their wait time and progress.

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Relaying Important Information

Waiting room information screens can be used to include access to web-based health care messages, providing high-quality informative advice. This aids clients in improving their health through diet, exercise, and via access to related health care services.

Digital displays are also important for internal communications. With the ability to update a whole network of digital displays from one computer, you can ensure that all your employees are kept up to date with the latest news, health and safety information and any staff events no matter where they are on the hospital campus.

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Streamline Appointments

A digital sign in system is great way of reducing the check-in queue, making the check in process seamless will speed up arrivals reduce queuing and get patients into your waiting room quicker.

Interactive displays and kiosks can also be used to allow patients to schedule their own appointments in your waiting room or practice, this helps to speed up the whole process, allowing doctors and nurses to keep their appointment times without delay.

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Wayfinding Software

Keep patients and their families from getting lost with easy-to-find directional kiosks can also showcase easily updatable, interactive maps which simplify the navigation of large campuses, or even provide temporary, location-specific information regarding current onsite events. These digital signage kiosks can also present rotating informational displays to provide staff and patients with frequent and campus-specific service updates, breaking news or even the menu of today’s cafeteria items.

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