Waiting Room Signage

Improving Visitors Experience with Digital Signs

Why is Waiting Room Signage Important?

Waiting room digital signage can completely transform your patients experience. Providing upbeat, entertaining and educational content on your screens can help to reduce anxiety of waiting patients, meaning they are more relaxed once for their appointment.

When engaging content is displayed on digital signage screens it can also help to reduce the perceived waiting times. Twenty minutes can feel more like ten minutes if the patient has been kept occupied with high quality content while reducing the cost spent on printed signage and notices.

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Customer experience

By utilising digital signage in an engaging way, you can help to transform the customer experience. You can keep customers informed whilst they are waiting and help to reduce perceived wait times.

Increase sales and promotional content

Digital signage can give you an opportunity to display and promote new products and services, whether you run a dentist, vet, GP or pharmacy, digital signage can be used to promote recent offers, sales and even reminders.

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Reducing costs of traditional signage replacement

Over the year’s companies will spend thousands on posters and traditional signage in waiting rooms. Traditional posters, leaflets and brochures can often be updated monthly and sometimes even weekly depending on the topic.

Although a more costly option upfront, digital signage is a cheaper alternative in the long run and eliminates any ongoing costs.

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Reducing costs of traditional signage replacement

Providing information to visitors

Digital signage can provide patients and visitors with informative messages. It can display opening times, ways to keep healthy, the latest news in your industry and information about your practice.

Custom Digital Signage Content

The beauty of digital signage is that you can create your own content to meet your business’s needs. We can provide you with the ability to create specific content on your services.

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About Remark’s Waiting Room Display Software

Waiting room signage Is crucial for patient satisfaction in a healthcare facility and waiting room. A patient’s waiting room experience affects how they view their whole visit and experience at the facility.

Remark Group provide bespoke solutions to ensure that your visitors and patients experience can be second to none. Get in touch today to discuss your waiting room needs.