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Digital wayfinding is slowly becoming more prominent in workplaces, hospitals, educational premises and airports.

Through touchscreens users are able to receive bespoke directions from their current location to where they want to be, this can even be downloaded to their phone via an app so they are never without directions.

Remark Group can deliver effective digital wayfinding solutions in a variety of locations to help you improve the visitor experience at your premises.

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What is Digital Wayfinding?

Digital Wayfinding solutions are interactive maps used within buildings and campuses to provide directional information for visitors.

Digital wayfinding solutions include digital wall signage, interactive displays, kiosks and mobile solutions. It is driven by digital signage software which is used to create, manage and deliver content to screens, video walls and kiosks.

Unlike a static map, digital wayfinding uses interactive technology that allows the visitor to interact with the screen to help them get from one location to another – allowing for an efficient and easy customer experience.

The most effective wayfinding solutions focus on the user’s experience and how different users have different needs.

Why Choose Digital Display Screens?

Digital Display screens provide multiple benefits to most workplaces and industries, not only do they allow retail and hospitality to advertise their latest offers and deals but they can also be used in hospitals and healthcare facilities to provide up to date information for patients, visitors and employees alike.

When digital displays are integrated with wayfinding, they can provide both staff and visitors with the tools to navigate around the premises easily and efficiently.

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Where can Wayfinding Help?

Digital wayfinding can be used across multiple industries and have multiple benefits for each, we’ve outlined just a few below:

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare and hospital facilities are often spread out over large campuses, often with multiple buildings. Digital wayfinding can help reduce stress in finding the right place to be and reduce time looking for the right area.

Hotels & Retail

For retail & hospitality, prompt customer service is critical. Digital wayfinding systems not only direct customers to popular areas of the store or hotel, but they can also be programmed with marketing messages promoting a shop’s new arrivals and seasonal sales, a hotel’s room service schedule, or a restaurant’s daily specials.

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Airports can often be a maze, and the last thing a person’s wants is to miss their flight. Digital wayfinding in airports can provide passengers with the most up to date information on where they need to be and how to get there.

Educational Premises

Educational campuses, similar to healthcare facilities, can often be spread across multiple buildings. Digital wayfinding placed in strategic positions around the campus can help visitors, guest lecturers and new students navigate their way around the premises without any added stress.


Digital wayfinding offers the ability to make a great first impression on potential business clients. Digital wayfinding can be used to help your visitors navigate around the building and find out which meeting room they need to be in.

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