Workplace Digital Signage

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Using Digital Signage Within Your Workplace

Using digital signage companies can offer a huge number of possibilities for the corporate sector. From reception digital display walls to internal communications, health and safety messaging to live newsreels and social media feeds. Digital displays are not just used in retail anymore, they can benefit most corporate businesses in one way or another.

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Corporate Settings for Digital Signage

With digital signage solutions you have the ability to showcase KPI dashboards and internal communications, on large screens for everyone to see. Enhance your messaging and keep your teams informed and motivated.

Businesses have the ability to increase their visibility by broadcasting internal messages and stories simultaneously, in every strategic place, or meeting points in your workplace, including meeting and training rooms, canteens, storage areas, reception areas, corridors and fire exits.

Drive interest of the greatest number possible by splicing information flows to capture the attention and convey the business messages without the risk of losing your employees attention.

Software & Features
Scheduling Content

Automated Content Scheduling An automated content system helps your business deliver content seamlessly and efficiently. You enter the parameters under which a piece of content should be played, and the system handles scheduling and delivery automatically, saving your business time and providing efficient content.

Remote Management

Remote Content Management Digital signage software allows your business to manage your content from anywhere. This feature means that you can upload and change-out digital content using a web browser on your computer even if you’re working from home. If you have a multi-campus site, this feature is perfect for updating the whole network from one location.

Group Screen

Screen Grouping Functionality For businesses with multiple screens, in multiple locations digital signage content management can be a lot of work. Screen grouping allows us businesses to organise and manage multiple screens into a single unit.

Workplace Safety

Due to its ability to be updated in real-time, digital signage is perfect for sharing and updating health and safety information.

Employee health and safety will always be of upmost importance in every workplace. Whether it’s to monitor and prevent accidents or provide real-time emergency message, updates and alerts, digital signage can be used around the workplace to help keep employees up to date on the latest information and safe.

Digital display solutions can also be integrated with technologies like social distancing detection to assist with access control and occupancy control. The displays can send out real-time alerts when rooms become available and keep employees updated with health and safety topics. Facility Managers can also receive real-time alerts when rooms need cleaning or if they’ve reached maximum capacity.

Social Distancing Detection
Digital Whiteboards

Digital whiteboards are ideal for collaboration and creativity in the workplace. Digital whiteboards help teams run effective meetings, visualise ideas, and work creatively with notes, shapes, templates, and more.

White boards are also a great way to collaborate remotely. Remote teams can feel like they’re collaborating in the same room—even when you’re working across time zones. With real-time updates and live chats, you can stay in contact with your team and highlight your best ideas.

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