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Using Digital Signage Within Your Workplace

We provide fully bespoke workplace digital signage solutions. Offering a turnkey installation solution, we can work with any building across a wide range of sectors.

From reception digital display walls and health and safety messaging, to live newsreels and internal communication feeds, digital displays have something to offer most corporate businesses.

Remark provides smart business solutions that add value to the modern workplace. With our tailored and expert advice, we can help you choose the right equipment and leverage all its benefits.

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Corporate Digital Signage Solutions

All types of businesses can benefit from the added value that digital signage offers. By utilising digital signage screens, businesses have the ability to increase the visibility of information. This is achieved by broadcasting content in strategic places or meeting points, including: conference and training rooms, canteens, storage areas, reception areas, corridors and exits.

  • Share your data dashboards with real-time analytics.
  • Manage your meeting rooms with synchronised calendars.
  • Deploy screens in recreational areas to entertain and educate employees.
  • Easily showcase KPI dashboards and internal communications for everyone to see.
  • Promote success and motivation for employees with leaderboards for sales and marketing performance.
  • Enhance your messaging and keep your teams informed and motivated.

Workplace Digital Signage Software

Remote Management

Remote Content Management - workplace digital signage software allows your business to manage your content from anywhere. This feature means that you can upload and change digital content directly from your computer - even if you’re working from home. If you have a multi-campus or multiple sites, this feature is perfect for updating the whole network from one location.

Scheduling Content

Digital Content Scheduling - A digital content system saves your business time when providing high-quality content updates. Using the digital signage software, you choose the parameters and the system handles the scheduling and delivers content to multiple screens automatically.

Group Screen

Screen Grouping Functionality - For businesses with multiple screens in multiple locations, digital signage content management can be a lot of work if you don’t have the right solution. But, screen grouping allows businesses to organise and manage multiple screens into a single unit.

Workplace Health & Safety

Whether it’s to monitor and prevent accidents, or provide real-time emergency messages, updates and alerts, workplace digital signage can be to help keep employees up to date on the latest information and safety advice. Whether deployed in the transport or manufacturing sectors, a laboratory, builders merchant or in a hospital, a digital screen makes health and safety more engaging.

Benefits Of Digital Signage In Corporate Communications

Communicate Instantly With Your Employees – Digital signage enables you to communicate instantly with your employees. You can present important information and updates with ease.

Multimedia Content That’s Highly Visible – LED advertising displays capture 400% more views than static displays. Whether you want to share the latest company updates or on-site health and safety guidelines, you can be sure it will get noticed.

Boost Brand Awareness – LED digital screen advertising is often used as a tool for displaying important brand messages or raising brand awareness. With high definition graphics and quality imagery, you can easily keep all communications on brand.

Increased Productivity – Digital signage helps to increase productivity, improve employee retention and enhance creativity. It’s all about enhancing engagement and creating a more cohesive workforce.

Benefits Of Digital Signage In Corporate Communications

Improve Workplace Health & Safety – Due to its ability to be updated in real-time and high visibility, digital signage is perfect for sharing and updating health and safety information.

Enhance Workplace Culture – You can also enhance your workplace culture and promote the latest milestones, company events and employee achievements.

Real-time Updates – Any updates can be pushed live remotely to multiple locations. This makes real-time information updates easier to manage.

Eco-friendly – Swapping paper posters and signage for digital signage will help make your organisation more eco-friendly too.

What Other Solutions Are Available?

Digital Whiteboards For Collaborative Meetings

Digital whiteboards are ideal for collaboration and creativity in the workplace. They help teams run effective meetings, visualise ideas, and work collaboratively with the ability to add notes and more. Interactive whiteboards are also a great way to work remotely and support a hybrid working model. Remote teams can feel like they’re collaborating in the same room. With real-time updates and live chats, you can stay in contact with your team, particularly when used in your video conferencing meeting room.

Our Installation & Support Process

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We’ll work with you to create a completely bespoke solution that suits your unique requirements and environment. Quotes will include the equipment and installation.

Organise a site survey


Our engineers or project managers can arrange a visit at a time to suit you. We take the time to get to know how your business works and ensure you choose the best solutions available. As a fully bespoke provider, we can match all your specific requirements.

Installation & Aftercare


Our installation is non-disruptive and discreet. With all the detailed planning, we’ll have everything to your exact requirements before we begin installation. Once installed, we’ll demonstrate how to use your new digital signage so you can use it from day one. Need any further assistance? Our team can be on-hand to provide support.

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