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Office & Meeting Room Booking Systems

With the right meeting room booking systems, you can effortlessly book your formal meetings and informal collaborations. We provide bespoke meeting room solutions to enhance your business functions.

When paired with a simple, easy to use room booking system, your team will never have to worry about arranging meetings again. These solutions allow employees to quickly view which rooms are available, make a booking and send invites, their calendars automatically populated with each reservation.

Pre-planned meetings can be scheduled using your standard calendar application, or impromptu meetings can be booked on the panel itself when the room is available.

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Our Meeting Room Solutions

A meeting room booking system allows your business to effortlessly manage meetings and conference calls across all your rooms, without interruption. From small huddle rooms to senior personal offices, it also works for larger businesses with meeting rooms across multiple sites.

Meeting Room Booking Display Screen

Digital panels displayed outside the meeting room show when a room is in use, helping you see at a glance when it’s next available. Meetings can be easily cancelled or booked, with updates happening in real-time. For occupancy control, you can clearly display the maximum number of people allowed inside. The room display panel can be mounted on the wall.

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Meeting Room Booking Software

We will install the devices and integrate the software, so they’re ready to use straight away. If you need advice on which software is best for your business, we are more than happy to advise. A web-based interface can be accessed through any browser. A complete room booking system can help busy employees find and reserve rooms, even when they’re on the move.

Contactless Scheduling

Book a meeting room without touching. With presence detection, your meeting room changes its status once entered. The presence detection feature makes sure that the meeting room booking systems status updates to “booked” across all the channels.

Keep everyone safe by displaying the maximum number of people in the meeting room. Have the ability to display any room’s sitting capacity right next to its name.

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Occupancy Control

Meeting room occupancy detection solutions provide accurate, anonymous and real-time reports on how and when different workspaces are being used.

Programmable occupancy targets can be configured, monitored and displayed to manage space utilisation. You can restrict access when full and report on underutilised spaces. These capabilities are set to become vital tools for building and health and safety managers who are responsible for managing workplaces.

The Process

Schedule a meeting room booking system demo:


See how the technology works in a live working environment. We explain the systems in a way that is accessible and jargon-free and take the time to answer all your queries.

Design process:


We’ll work with you to create a completely bespoke solution that suits your unique requirements and environment. Our proposals are bespoke for the equipment and installation specifications, especially for your workplace.

Organise a site review:


Our qualified engineers or project managers will review your premises at a time to suit you.

Installation and Aftercare:


With all the detailed planning complete, we’ll have everything to your exact requirements before we begin installation. Our installation is non-disruptive and discreet. We’ll demonstrate how to use the meeting room booking system to ensure you can use it from day one. If you need any further assistance, our team is on-hand to provide support.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the benefits of meeting room booking systems?

    From improving productivity and reducing administration time, to ensuring that all your meetings are uninterrupted and rooms are used at full capacity, there are plenty of benefits to having a meeting room booking system installed.

    Can a meeting room booking system be integrated with Microsoft Outlook?

    Yes, a room booking system can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook to send and respond to invites, and automatically update your work calendar.

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