Air Quality and Wellbeing at Work Survey 2019

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Everyone deserves the right to work in a healthy workplace, but do UK companies ensure they offer one? Dr. Nigel Oseland, a workplace strategist and environmental psychologist, teamed up with the Remark Group to determine if air quality does in fact impact a person’s workplace well-being, productivity and overall happiness.

With over 90% of UK workers having at least 10 meetings a week, it’s worrying that 90% of people say that they find themselves nodding off or losing concentration in meetings. Our Air Quality and Well-Being at Work Survey examines why headaches, fatigue and eye irritation are on the rise in the workplace, and suggests that a greater focus should be placed on providing good indoor air quality and temperature control in the office. Knowing that 80% of people believe poor indoor air quality has a negative effect on their health and productivity proves that the results of our study couldn’t be more imperative.

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