Room automation – reducing energy costs

All businesses face the ongoing challenge of managing operational costs – and that means energy too.  So companies are constantly seeking more creative solutions to reduce the amount of energy they consume, thus reducing costs.

Room automation is one way of achieving this objective.  It enables you to manage your heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting and shading for all areas of your building – all from one central point.

Some businesses choose to install room automation for their complete building premises; others prefer to focus simply on conference room automation.

Evidence suggests that installing a room automation system will produce a 50% reduction in energy usage*.

Benefits of room automation

Conference room automation enables you to create a more pleasant environment within a meeting or boardroom. You have full control of temperature and lighting levels to ensure the room experience suits everyone at all times.

Room automation provides you with the ability to control lighting levels in individual rooms and offices which can improve staff comfort with the potential added affect of increased productivity.  Happy staff are invariably productive staff.

The room automation system is scalable and can be expanded should the need for the technology, or the office space, increase. Quick and easy installation, coupled with affordable costs, makes this technology accessible for most businesses.

Managing your office environment with Remark Group

Why not contact our specialist project team to discuss how this technology could assist the efficient use of energy in your working environment?  We will survey your premises and provide some potential solutions.

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