Our access control systems allow you to monitor who enters your building and the access they have around the premises.

Access control systems are the most effective method of preventing unwanted access to your premises, protecting the safety of your employees as well as the security of your building. Not only can you restrict access into your building, but you can also monitor the movement of people within your premises.

Advanced Security Solutions

From simple RF Tagging Door Entry Systems to more advanced security solutions using biometrics, Remark’s team are able to provide robust, scalable and intuitive solutions to ensure your business is protected.

So, whether you need a coded entry system for a single building or a centrally controlled solution for a large business that has multiple sites, Remark Group can help tailor an access control solution to meet your specific requirements.

Cards, Pin, Fobs and Biometrics

There are different options when choosing the right access control system for your business, we’ve highlighted a few below to help you on your way to making a decision.


Cards are one of the easiest forms of access control, simple to issue to staff and contractors to give them access to your premises. Cards can be made active and inactive at the touch of a button

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Access card can be re-programmed and issued just as easily.


Similar to the card, you can issue fobs to staff and temporarily to contactors to give them access into your premises. Fobs can also be re-programmed and issued just as easily as they can be made inactive.


With a pin reader, only those with the code have access to the premises. Easily updated, a pin card reader can be just as secure as a fob or card reader with regular pin changes and can be easily installed to any building.


Biometric access control and retina readers are getting increasingly popular as a secure access control system, and rightly so: at the touch of a finger or a blink of the eye you are granted access into the building.

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Once a fingerprint has been scanned into the system, it can be used much like a card reader, an easy way to get in and out of the premises.

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