Engaging with customers through digital signage

Eight out of ten UK retailers believe that digital signage is an effective way to generate brand awareness of their businesses, according to recent research.* In today’s consumer-driven world, none of us can underestimate the value of being able to interact and engage directly with our target audience. For many businesses, digital display screens and LED message boards provide the perfect tools to achieve that objective.

Maximising your digital display opportunities

Digital signage solutions enable companies to showcase multiple products in one place, highlight price comparisons, stage launches, and promote both offers and incentives. It’s the perfect way to shout about your business offering. LCD, LED and projection technology enables you to display content anywhere around the world, and with the ability to display digital images, video, streaming media, webpages and text, you can effectively deliver your brand messages in a very targeted and effective way to exactly the right people.

Talk to our digital display experts

Our specialists at Remark can offer advice and guidance whether you are looking for a small digital signage display or a large outdoor digital menu board.  We will listen to your needs and objectives then provide you with a range of options from which to choose. Combining our expertise in IT services, network infrastructure and cabling systems we will provide you with a complete and seamless digital signage solution, whether you need stand-alone digital signs or complex, integrated, multi-site display systems. Talk to one of our digital experts today on 0800 597 5558 or go to our contact page. *http://www.signstix.com/insights/retail/10-key-stats-that-are-accelerating-the-adoption-of-digital-signage