Interactive Displays



Anyone in business knows the importance of creating the right impression and communicating in a compelling and imaginative way – to staff, customers and stakeholders. That is why interactive displays and interactive presentation technology is virtually becoming a necessity in the workplace with digital whiteboards and interactive projectors essential tools in more and more meeting and training rooms. The ability to be able to use digital and interactive presentations creates a more engaging method of communication and a more enhanced experience for customers.


Whether you are looking for interactive technology for retail, healthcare or corporate services, Remark Group can work with you to find the right solution for your business

Collaboration is essential in today’s working environment. Successful businesses are the ones who get their people together to pool their ideas and share their knowledge, and interactive technology is becoming key to achieving this. Forward-looking companies are kitting out huddle spaces and meeting rooms with the latest interactive panels and content-sharing applications to facilitate and encourage co- operative working and the visual sharing of ideas.

Touch interfaces can also offer a quick and painless solution for room booking and management, saving knowledge workers’ precious time and energy for more serious tasks.

Meeting room with 5 people
Interactive digital signage at station

Interactive Digital Signage

Interactive displays are increasingly a part of everyday life. Whether it’s delivered via a smartphone, tablet, laptop, public signage or in-store display, interactivity is being used in almost every environment to share information, advertise promotions and encourage engagement. Remark Group are specialists in the delivery of interactive display solutions for digital signage.

With interactive displays you can transform your reception into a memorable and dynamic environment. High definition video wall displays or interactive screens create a lasting first impression, communicating branded videos or communicating personal visitor greetings. A warm, yet professional first introduction to your company.

LED Digital Screen Advertising

For menu displays, notice board and non-interactive displays, Remark Group also offer digital signage solutions to compliment your existing project. Talk to a specialist today about how these can be integrated into your workplace or business.

Once you have established what you are trying to achieve, the next decision is to decide on the right hardware option – from a large format display to a simple smartboard. Large format displays are ideal for group workshops, internal training and presentations, as well as collaboration on business documents. With content appearing on large screen displays, meetings become so much more engaging. A smart board suits a business with a more a remote workforce as it allows staff working off-site to have easy access to all the relevant business information.

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