A room management system for your business

The everyday demands of a busy office environment do mean that sometimes finding available meeting room space can be a challenge – but there is a solution. Whether seamlessly integrating with your existing technology or providing a bespoke standalone solution, having a room scheduling system will help earmark meeting room availability and reduce the frustration in finding available space to meet your customers or staff. With office space at a minimum, a room management system with its own room scheduling panel, is becoming a prerequisite for some businesses.

How does it work?

Meeting room management allows users to book rooms across multiple locations, choosing the most suitable space depending on such factors as number of attendees or the technology required, (eg: display screen for presentations), or whether the meeting is scheduled or impromptu. The software also allows users to book catering requests, record visitors, and determine how much space is actually needed. A meeting room booking system integrates with other platforms, such as Outlook, and with its user-friendly application, staff are able to quickly pick it up and use it.

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