Meeting Room Booking System


A room management system for your business

Finding available meeting room space can be a challenge for the everyday demands of a busy office environment – but there is a solution.

Whether seamlessly integrating with your existing technology or providing a bespoke standalone solution, having a room scheduling system will help earmark your meeting room availability and reduce the frustration in finding available space to meet with your customers or staff. A room management system with its own room scheduling panel, is becoming a prerequisite for some businesses.

Meeting Room Booking Systems allows users to book rooms across multiple locations, choosing the most suitable space depending on the requirements: such as the number of attendees or the technology required (e.g. display screen for presentations), or whether the meeting is scheduled or impromptu.


The software also allows users to book catering requests, record visitors, and determine how much space is actually needed. A meeting room booking system integrates with other platforms, such as Outlook, and with its user-friendly application, staff are able to quickly understand how to use it.

Remark Group provide a range of digitally advanced Meeting Room Management systems that allow you to organise and reserve your meeting rooms: book remotely, on the spot, or via an interactive touch screen. Scheduling a meeting can become quicker and more efficient, and the Room Booking Manager will change in real time. This digitally advanced solution has the capabilities to receive key room insights, which help you to improve the way you work and optimise resources.

Our video conferencing solutions go hand in hand with Meeting Room Management.


Certain Room Booking Management systems even have open API integration that links with other third party systems – for example the Air Conditioning, where it will automatically activate 10 minutes before a meeting is scheduled to start; and with enhanced PIN verification software, it enables easy identification for on-screen bookings and the possibility to restrict access for certain rooms or groups. The “check in” function also helps businesses to free up meeting spaces, by cancelling bookings in the event that attendees do not show up, ensuring that the most up to date information is always displayed.

Meeting rooms only get utilised around a third of the time. This means that, in an average 8-hour working day, over five hours’ worth of meeting rooms are going to waste. When proper controls and a structured policy for usage is implemented, usage of rooms can improve. A room booking system that provides insight into the usage of rooms and the patterns of bookings and cancellations can help management better understand their office and plan the office space for greater efficiencies.


We can advise on the right system for your business, get it installed and provide training and on-going support to ensure you get the very most from it.

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