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The way people work is changing. With the growing trend of open workspaces and the rising costs of real estate, fewer individual offices exist. Thus, a growing number of meeting rooms have emerged. Remark group can provide bespoke video conferencing solutions ensuring a consistent and reliable experience that will drive small and large group productivity and encourage team agility. Help your team collaborate from anywhere, anytime.

Co-workers that are spread across different geographical locations are increasing, with more companies choosing to adopt this structure for their workforce. These dispersed co-workers face unique challenges when it comes to collaborating and sharing information.

No offices or meeting rooms are alike, which is why we believe that there isn’t a one size fits all solution for conferencing. We can ensure that you make the most of your workspace with conferencing solutions, whether that be video or audio, to ensure that your rooms are optimised for everyday use.

At Remark, we can provide video and audio conferencing solutions so these teams can communicate and collaborate freely, and content can be shared quickly, all without any of the annoyances common to current meeting room technology.

Cloud Based video conferencing equipment including Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype

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Video Conferencing Installation


Our video conferencing solutions helps you catch every nuance and get more done. Make every meeting count and reduce operational costs for everything from sales and product development to doctor-patient consultations and customers meetings.

Conference calls with customers and other partners should be simple to set up and easy to use.  We can offer a bespoke video conferencing equipment for your business so that you can talk with your clients or suppliers the same way that you enjoy such functionality within your own business.

It’s a simple and cost-effective way to enhance your capabilities to engage with all your business partners. We offer businesses improved communications, strengthening customer and staff relationships, and enabling conversation without having to leave the office, or even the house. In a business world where the emphasis is on the ‘here and now’ these tools can be a major asset to any business proposition. In addition, reduced business travel and less time in face-to-face meetings has genuine benefits including time management and cost savings – reducing overheads and improving efficiency.


Design and Consultancy

Our bespoke approach means that we can tailor your video conferencing requirements to suit your environment and employees. Whether you are looking for solutions to enhance a huddle room or large board room, we can design the perfect video conferencing solution for your business.

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Training and Support

The right technology means nothing without the right training and support. We provide system handover training with all installations and can provide on-going support and maintenance so you can rest assured that your conferencing solutions run smoothly and efficiently.

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Our highly experienced and skilled project managers and audio-visual engineers will ensure the very best finish to your video conferencing solutions. From a single room system through to a multi – site solution, Remark Group provide high quality projects every time.

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According to our Air Quality and Wellbeing at Work survey, in addition to 40% of UK office workers saying there meeting rooms weren’t up to scratch, they also said they were having:

Unsuccessful Meetings
Up to 11 Hours in Meetings a Week
Poor Concentration
Meetings in Rooms Without Windows

Why Should
You Use Video Conferencing
Solutions in your

Improved Communication 

As businesses grow with employees, teams and customers based across the country or world, the ability to have clear communication becomes paramount. Increasing the use of virtual meetings means everyone in the team can benefit from a structured video conferencing where body language, tone of voice and visual cues aren’t missed.

Visual Aids 

Talking over the phone or through email can often lack visual vues which enhance the context of your conversions. From live presentation to the body language of your colleuges, being able to see all the participants in the call will heighten concentration levels and improve the quality of your meetings.

Optimised Attendance 

Relying on everyone to meet at one location on one date can cause more organisation and difficulty than needed. By using reliable video conferencing software, participants can log into a meeting wherever the are to maximise efficiency throughout your team and clients. Keep everyone in the loop without compromising on schedules and workloads.

Increase Productivity

As the closest thing to being there in person, video conferencing ensure that everyone remains focused, keeping meetings as efficient as possible. With everyone in the team being able to be a part of important client updates and progress meetings, delays in communication are reduced for your team.

Remote Worker at laptop


Keeping teams around the world in tune with each other is much easier with video conferencing systems. Audio calls can be effective, but adding video, creates real life meeting for those working remotely. Body language and facial expressions raise the level of collaboration and can result in improved engagement in meetings. Video conferencing during group or all-company meetings also gives a “part of the team” feeling for remote employees. Your home office employees will also feel more connected to remote employees and their established relationships can help when it comes to keeping everyone in the loop.

The ability to have communication with your team in a matter of minutes can make a huge difference to the productivity of your employees. With the ability to share documents and screens in real-time, your employees can continue to collaborate with each other no matter where they are in the world.

With the flexibility of a video conference call, customers, stakeholders and employees can easily join from almost anywhere. With ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policies, employees can use their smartphones, tablets and laptops to connect to meetings from home, the office or on the go.

Huddle Rooms

The use of Huddle rooms is definitely on the rise, in our latest survey it was found that 35% of UK based office workers spend the majority of their meetings in a Huddle room.

Huddle rooms, and other smaller meeting rooms that weren’t designed for group video, can be a challenge. Screens are usually too close to participants and not everyone can be seen which leads to frustration and a loss of engagement. There are multiple solutions that offer an ultra-wide-angle lens making sure everyone is seen and feels part of the conversation.

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Medium Conference Rooms

With almost 40% of UK office workers reporting that they spend the majority of their meetings in a medium sized meeting room, it’s essential that your meeting room is equipped with the right conferencing solution for the job. Medium-sized conference rooms are a unique, somewhat forgotten meeting space that still require quality audio and video.

When it comes to conferencing, the most important variables are sound capture, transmission, and reproduction. If you can’t hear the other parties, it really doesn’t matter how incredible the video feed looks. Remark Group are experts in acoustics and sound engineering, we can ensure that your conference provides the highest quality audio as well as video.

Large Conference Room or Boardrooms

Whether you’re leading a conference call or presenting from the executive boardroom, you need professional-grade communication technology that you can rely on. Remark Group offers both wired and wireless systems that are up to the task and designed to provide spectacular sound from your video-conferencing software of choice.

A quarter of UK office workers have the majority of their meetings in boardrooms or larger conferencing rooms. Project meetings, sales meetings, product development meetings, regulatory meetings, overviews and training sessions, board meetings and team updates can all be improved with video conferencing. And unlike many other video integrators, Remark Group don’t believe that video replaces face-to-face meetings – we believe it should be used as a way to enhance communication & improve relationships, whilst enabling teams from around the world to seamlessly interact.

Big meeting room Video Conferencing Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply and install video conferencing solutions?

Yes, we offer a fully integrated service, meaning you do not have to deal with any other companies. From the initial site survey up through to onsite training, our engineers and project managers will be with you through the whole process.

What are the benefits of video conferencing equipment?

There are multiple benefits of having a video conferencing system; there is no need to make the long-distance commute if you have access to a video conferencing system, your meetings can be very short notice. Participants will no longer have excuses related to location and travel; they only have to free themselves. As a result of improved communications, participants are more in sync, decisions are able to be made faster, and productivity increases. 

What are the benefits of audio conferencing?

Calling in to meetings is very useful when people are on the road and can’t attend a meeting using the Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams app on their laptop or mobile devices. 

Can I video conference from home?

Yes,  as long as you have computer or smart phone, but you will need to include the right accessories and software, such as a webcam, headset or microphone, a broadband connection, monitor or other display device, and web conferencing software such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype.

Is video conferencing secure?

Security features vary. Remark Group can work with you to provide you with the best solution for your business, ensuring that your meeting is accessible only to people you’ve invited, and not unwanted third parties. This is especially important for financial and corporate sectors where confidentially and privacy is vital.

Will I be able to show the other person what's on my screen, share documents with them or edit documents in real time?

Yes, you can. Anyone in a meeting can share their screen to show a presentation or bring up a document to edit and update in real time. As a result, video conferencing can really streamline everything from training seminars to informal status meetings.

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