Our collaborative technologies and design team can help you create an ergonomic work environment which will transform your meeting space.

Our solutions connect people to their workplace through technology, whilst enhancing wellbeing and employee satisfaction.

Video and Audio Conferencing no longer have to be complicated and tedious, with our intelligent Room Booking systems working in harmony with video conferencing and wireless presentation you can now create a comfortable, reliable and effortless meeting space that allows for your staff and clients to work as one.

Wireless Presentation

We all know the challenges of arranging meetings when people are in multiple locations, operating individual work diaries and so on. For that reason, there has been significant growth in wireless presentation technology. With wireless presentation and collaboration systems, multiple people can engage in a meeting, conference or training session. It makes sharing and presenting in meetings seamless, irrespective of location

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Wireless Presenter System
Meeting Room Booking System

Room and Office Management Systems

Whether seamlessly integrating with your existing technology or providing a bespoke standalone solution, having a Room Booking Solution helps to increase meeting room availability and reduce the frustration in finding available space to meet your clients or employees.

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Intelligent Audio / Video Systems

Working across different locations and time zones, Remark’s intelligent audio / video systems allow colleagues and clients to collaborate securely, reduce the costs of travel and improve outcomes in a sustainable way.

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Business Video Systems