Social Distancing Technology

Automated Social Distancing Detection Helps your Workplace Reopen Safely

Social Distancing Detection


Protecting your employees, customers, and organisation is hard in the age of coronavirus, especially when liability can be high. Social distancing is proven to reduce transmission but is difficult to track and enforce.

Remark Group now offer social distancing technology that can be integrated with your current security cameras, allowing you to monitor you employee’s and enforce safe measures in the workplace.

The data is monitored in real-time and can send alerts and updates to facilities managers where people aren’t abidingly the social distancing guidelines that have been put in place. The solution also checks your existing workplace cameras feed for hotspots many times a day, so it can determine which areas need adjusting.

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New Government Guidelines

With the UK Government‘s Chief Medical Officer stating that social distancing will be needed, at least to the end of the year, businesses and organisations are looking to technology solutions to help them adapt their working practices.

As lockdown eases further, the UK’s workplaces will be looking for solutions that help on-site workers stay safe, feel connected and promote effective hybrid-meetings.

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Detect Hotposts & Monitor Tailgating


Real-Time Alerts
Receive real-time alerts when people enter the building, when there are too many people in a room and when employee’s aren’t socially distancing.

Monitor Tailgating
Tailgating is a common security breach, and can be hard to monitor. With the use of cameras and distancing detection technology, tailgating can be detected and deterred.

Queue Monitoring

From retail stores to hotels, to public buildings and banks, monitored queuing will be a system that is here to stay, for a few years anyway. Remark Group can provide your business with a solution that works with your current CCTV cameras that can function as a queue monitor.

The camera has the ability to detect whether people are abiding by the social distancing guidelines. This technology can also be applied to occupancy control, where communal areas can only hold a certain amount of people the solution can be set up to work with automated barriers or doors and digital signage to send real-time reports and alerts.

Smart & Reliable People Counting

If you are looking for a reliable and cost-efficient way to measure footfall, our video-based people counting solution is a perfect match.

Modern video-based people counting uses IP cameras with embedded video analytics for maximum accuracy and reliability. The cameras are typically placed above the area where you want to count the people that enter. Authorized users can then view real-time and historical statistics from any device and location.

Smart Analytics

Measure the number of customers or visitors


Analyse and share relevant footfall statistics


Monitor and analyse occupancy data

Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage can be integrated with social distancing detection to assist with access control and occupancy control. When connected with your digital signage solutions, the displays can send real-time alerts when certain meeting rooms become available and can also keep employees updated on health and safety topics and news.

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Face Mask Detection

Face Mask Detection
If your business has a face mask policy in place, you can monitor the effectiveness of the policy and receive alerts when employee’s aren’t wearing their masks.

Easy to use Dashboard
Receive dashboard notifications and check your existing workplace cameras feed for hotspots many times a day to help determine which areas need a social distancing fix.

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