Audio Repair for Auditorium

The Brief

Video game developers and publishers, Jagex, are best known for creating RuneScape and Old School RuneScape, which are multiplayer online role-playing games. Jagex’s flagship MMORPG RuneScape has welcomed almost 300 million player accounts to its world. Jagex aim to give their players the most fulfilling and engrossing gaming experiences possible. So, when the sound system in their auditorium was out of use, they needed to resolve the issue quickly.

Jagex use their auditorium for testing games and for hosting events. But just one week before their biggest event in almost three years, Jagex noticed that their amp was causing sound issues. With their largest meeting room out of use, they had no audio system to use when hosting events or large team meetings. The timing of this was not ideal, with their big event looming.


Jagex is one of the UK’s biggest and most respected video game developers and publishers. Jagex employs over 440 people and is based in Cambridge Science Park.

What We Did

We installed a replacement amp, tested, connected, and fixed the audio within Jagex’s auditorium.



The Solution


Jagex reached out to Remark Group for support. We attended their headquarters in Cambridge Science Park, and completed a site survey to find the cause of the sound issue. Following the site survey inspecting their AV Cabinet and large meeting room, our Audio Technician confirmed that the amp was faulty.

We understood that a solution needed to be in place quickly, so we suggested an alternative amplifier that would be powerful and robust for Jagex’s needs. Knowing the tight deadline, we ensured that we sourced a suitable and industry-leading amplifier that would allow us to fix Jagex’s audio issue. 


Winstalled the new amplifierfixed, and calibrated the audio within the room to ensure high-quality sound to ensure that Jagex could achieve a rich audio experience.

Services We Implemented

We provided audio diagnostic, repair and a replacement, to fix the sound in Jagex's auditorium to support the running of their events.

Diagnostic Sound Technician


Large Meeting Room Audio Repair


“From start to finish Remark Group have been brilliant – you kept me in the loop with what’s going on, offered your expertise and resolved the issue in record time meaning the event went ahead with no hiccups a couple of days later.” - Jagex.

The Results

Jagex’s event was a success, and ran with no audio issues. Impressed with the speed of the auditorium audio repair, here’s what Jagex had to say:

“To discover an issue with sound in our largest meeting room, less than a week before the biggest event since pre-covid; needless to say, it was a headache and worry we didn’t need. I reached out to Remark Group, explained the issue and in under an hour, I had contact and them looking at a solution. The team got hold of the kit we needed and within a matter of days, they came out, fixed, and tested everything to ensure we were in full working order, ready for our event!

“I have every faith in the team – from the communications team to the project managers, as well as the system itself. I honestly can’t thank Remark Group enough.”

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