The Brief

As a global manufacturer of high-performance products and solutions to the content creation market, it came as no surprise that Videndum required a professional video conferencing solution to conduct meetings with its stakeholders.

With clients including broadcasters and film studios, and employees spanning 2,000 people in 11 different countries, video conferencing is key to Videndum’s productivity and the way they communicate. Videndum uses Microsoft Teams and Zoom to host and join video conferencing meetings. But using two different conferencing systems created a challenge. Videndum required access to both Microsoft Teams and Zoom directly from their Boardrooms.

As a company that focuses on audio and visual creation, Videndum’s audio requirements were specialist. Videndum acquired Audix in January 2022, which is a premium brand providing professional studio and live audio applications. Consequently, Videndum looked for audio-visual specialists that could design and build a suitable conference room solution: their ideal set-up would utilise both Microsoft Teams and Zoom, connecting to their Audix microphones. Their end goal was to ensure users could instantly join a call – directly from the meeting room.


Videndum (previously known as Vitec Group) is a global provider of premium hardware products and software solutions to the content creation market.

Case Study

Videndum uses multiple platforms for video conferencing meetings. But using two different systems created a challenge. By adding an addition Zoom Room system, Videndum now have a fully integrated set-up. Users can simply walk into their Boardrooms and instantly join a Zoom or Microsoft Teams call.

What We Did

Remark Group installed a dual Zoom and Microsoft Teams Room Video Conferencing Solution.

The Solution

Remark Group recognised that an integrated conferencing set-up was required.

The customer already had a Microsoft Teams Room System, but they still required access to Zoom. They liked the existing way of making and receiving Microsoft Teams calls. So, after completing a survey, Remark Group’s design team advised to add an additional Zoom Room System. This included a Zoom Room Touch Screen, and a connecting system dedicated for making Zoom calls.

To specify the bespoke audio requirements, Remark Group worked in partnership with the UK distributor for Audix Microphones: SCV Distribution Limited. A SCV Distribution representative attended the Videndum sites in Richmond and Bury St Edmunds to specify the required number of Audix M3 tri-element ceiling microphones, which would ultimately be used in each Boardroom, alongside Dante microphone interfaces.

Remark Group installed an audio upgrade using the ceiling microphones. We also specified a complimenting Biamp TesiraForte 800x DSP. This equipment is important within a professional conference room to ensure clear voice pick up, and to minimise any in-office noises (like shuffling paper, keyboard typing and heating/air conditioning systems). Remark Group specified and installed Biamp  ceiling speakers to create an even distribution of sound, to increase the intelligibility of sound within the room for all participants.

Remark Group combined this clear audio solution with a Smart Framing camera. This auto-framing camera removes the manual task to adjust the zoom and panning of the conferencing camera. Instead, the auto-framing camera seeks the person speaking and frames them within the space.

Videndum can now simply tap to start a meeting, using a dedicated in-room touch screen to select to join either a Zoom or Teams meeting. The Boardrooms are connected as both a Microsoft Teams Room and a Zoom Room system. The user just has to select the panel: Teams, or Zoom. The system will automatically detect whether the in-room camera and audio, to achieve a clear calling experience that improves collaboration. Users can also bring their laptop or device into the call for content sharing. The solution has been installed in two different site locations: Richmond or Bury St. Edmonds, to achieve continuity across the company.

Services We Implemented

We transformed two Boardrooms to enable the client to easily join Microsoft Teams and Zoom meetings. The upgraded audio means that video conferencing meetings can now be clearly heard, improving the overall meeting experience.

Video Conferencing


Audio Conferencing


Meeting Room Solutions


“If we pictured a solution ahead that we thought worked, then it has been achieved – we now have a Teams Room system and Zoom Room system. Remark Group provided a quick turnaround, from ordering materials to providing the installation - especially in our Richmond office which can be a challenging installation environment. The engineers were very knowledgeable, friendly and tidy.”

The Results

As most enterprises find themselves between calls with stakeholders that use both Zoom and Microsoft Teams deployments, co-existing video conferencing solutions for Boardrooms and Microsoft Teams provide the ideal solution.

We asked our client to explain what they thought of the completed solution, and any advice they would give to those considering a video conferencing solution installed by Remark Group. Here’s what they said:

“We were firstly impressed with how professional the solutions looked: the microphones were positioned perfectly, and speakers were neatly integrated. We have also received positive feedback from users regarding the audio. For anyone considering a similar solution, we would advise to keep your video conferencing set up simple and easy to use for end users, while still providing a good audio experience to benefit both in-room and remote participants”.

Commenting on the integration and partnership working, Ian Young, Managing Director of SCV Distribution said: “Remark Group’s team were an absolute pleasure to work with, making the whole process from specification to completion seamless. I cannot fault them. Remark Group boast a product and integration knowledge that is second to none. They blew us away with both the ease and the speed at which they completed their extremely high-standard installations. Remark Group will be my first point of call for all future Audix Microphone installation collaborations.”

Interested In Video Conferencing?

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