Video Conferencing Solution: Pearson Ham

The Brief

Pricing specialists, Pearson Ham, required a solution that would allow hybrid meetings to take place between employees working from home, and employees working from their London-based office.

Pearson Ham needed to ensure video conferencing would enable efficient and clear communications, to support their collaborative working model.

To achieve this, they aimed to upgrade their video conferencing equipment, and improve the quality of their audio.

Corinne Barnes, Pearson Ham, explains:
“We have moved to a hybrid working style in light of the pandemic, and there is now no requirement to be in the same room for a meeting. Our existing system had a poor audio set up, which did not lend itself to video calling or hybrid working.”


Pearson Ham is an award-winning pricing consultancy based in London, serving a broad range of local and global businesses.

What We Did

Remark Group advised and installed a video conferencing solution to not only make video calling easier, but to also improve the quality of calls. The solution provides a seamless calling experience, to support Pearson Ham’s new hybrid working model. We installed a Microsoft Teams Room System for the Boardroom, and a bring your own device (also known as a BYOD) solution, for the smaller Meeting Room.

The Solution


We provided a Microsoft Teams Room system. Our engineers installed industry-leading beam-tracking microphones. The microphones have 360 degree coverage to ensure everyone is heard, regardless of their position in the room. This means that the microphones reliably pick up the voice of the person speaking, and provide a natural sound.

We also installed an auto-framing conferencing camera within the Boardroom. This automatically detects and smoothly zooms in on the participants, framing them perfectly within the image to make the meeting experience feel natural. The meetings are displayed via a laser projector. A laser projector benefits from needing little maintenance and will last longer when compared to a traditional lamp projector.

To connect to Microsoft Teams meetings, all users need to do is simply press ‘join meeting’ on the in-room Control Panel. This will automatically activate the in-room display, camera, speakers and microphones, so users can connect to meetings instantly.


The Small Meeting Room required a different solution: it needed to suit the reduced capacity of the room.

So, Remark Group recommended a Video Conferencing Sound Bar. Users can connect their own laptop devices to join and host conference calls. This allows for a variety of calls to be made via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GotoMeetings, and various software applications, to make it easier to connect to all types of meetings with various stakeholders.

We specified the Sound Bar due to it offering 4K video quality,  and professional-grade speakers and microphones, which makes it ideal for huddle rooms.

Services We Implemented

Remark Group installed a Microsoft Teams Room video conferencing solution within the Boardroom, and Video Conferencing Sound Bar for the Small Meeting Room, to support efficient and collaborative hybrid working.

Audio Conferencing


Meeting Room Technology


Video Conferencing


“Remark Group provided what we were looking for. Video calling and hybrid working has been made a lot easier thanks to the new technology that we have in place.”

The Results

We asked our client to explain what they thought of the completed solution. Here’s what they said:

“The solution was quickly set up, explained very clearly, and works extremely well. Everyone who has used it has given positive feedback. They have been pleasantly surprised by the video quality of the projector. Those dialling in have said the audio is noticeably improved and it doesn’t hinder the meeting like before.”

Ultimately, Pearson Ham now have an improved meeting experience to support hybrid working, where conversations can be clearly heard and teams can collaborate effectively.

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