Video Conferencing and Sound Masking for Tong Engineering

The Brief

Tong Engineering wanted to create a purpose-built manufacturing facility featuring a factory and offices, on the edge of the company’s hometown of Spilsby. Tong Engineering have over 90 years of experience manufacturing vegetable handling equipment, and they now export to over 50 countries world-wide.

As part of planning the design for their new 90,000 ft2 factory, the vegetable equipment manufacturer contacted Remark Group to gain advice for their Boardroom and Meeting Rooms. They initially aimed to find a professional solution for hosting video calls, which would be more than just a webcam. Tong Engineering hoped to find a company that would provide everything from the supply and installation, through to the aftercare.

Looking for inspiration for their new premises, Tong Engineering attended Remark Group’s HQ in Peterborough to experience the video conferencing solutions in person. This provided an opportunity to use the solutions and ask questions. To cater to all their employees who have varying levels of IT experience, they required something with frictionless functionality, as well as superior sound.

When Tong Engineering eventually moved into their new office space, they soon realised that the Finance Director’s office needed more privacy. The glass wall dividing the meeting room from the main office caused sound to leak through; this created a privacy issue for confidential work and meetings, which was an important issue to solve. Tong Engineering knew that they needed the office sound proofing, but they were unsure on how to do so. Remark Group recommended Sound Masking.


Tong Engineering manufactures advanced and efficient vegetable handling equipment that are in operation across the globe.

Case Study

Tong Engineering wanted to create purpose-built headquarters that would improve their working environment and increase productivity.

What We Did

Remark Group provided video conferencing solutions for their Boardroom and Small Meeting Room, as well as Sound Masking for the Finance Director’s Office. We installed a Microsoft Teams Room System for the Boardroom, and a smaller-scale sound bar solution for their Small Meeting Room.

The Solution


We provided a Microsoft Teams Room system for the 12 person Boardroom. This features ceiling microphones that provide a 360-degree coverage of the meeting space. The microphones actively search for the human voice and mix conversations to ensure clarity. This technology enables clearer conversations to be held with their customers and suppliers based anywhere around the world. This has been combined with a high-definition conference camera, an audio DSP for decreasing echo and meeting noises, speakers, and a large 85” display screen.


In comparison, the Small Meeting Room is designed for meetings with one or two participants. The video conferencing equipment needed to suit the smaller sized room. So, we recommended a Video Conferencing Sound Bar.


Both rooms are Microsoft Teams Room systems, which feature a touch screen panel where users simply tap ‘join’ to start a conference meeting.

Services We Implemented

We provided video conferencing facilities, helping Tong Engineering to communicate with their world-wide customer base, and a sound masking system to ensure speech privacy.

Sound Masking


Video Conferencing


Audio Conferencing


Meeting Room Technology


“Having not attended the initial demonstration, I was initially sceptical about whether sound masking would work. However, when I attended Remark Group for a demonstration I was blown away at how effective the solution is. I knew right there and then that this would be the right solution for my office. And now, I wouldn’t be without it. I would highly recommend a demonstration and sound masking has made a massive improvement to privacy levels within my office.”

The Results

We asked Tong Engineering if we fulfilled their needs and requirements. Speaking on behalf of the Sound Masking solution, Finance Director Teresa Morgan said:

“100%. I have had a lot of feedback from those working within my office. The main feedback is how shocked people are at how effective the Sound Masking is. The team in the open plan office have also said that if the sound masking is switched off, they don’t like the complete silence. They prefer to have the sound masking on as it offers a consistent acoustic level, to provide a more comfortable working environment.”

On behalf of the video conferencing requirements, Marketing Manager Carole Metcalfe said:

“100%. We can already see and experience the benefits of the video conferencing solution. Our Boardroom solution really enhances virtual meetings. The simplicity of how to operate the system is a huge benefit, it makes impromptu meetings so easy to set up. The boardroom is particularly impressive because it’s so integrated. We have been impressed with the communications and relationship we have built with Remark Group.”  

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