Installation of Sound Masking to restore privacy

Customer Name

Geldards LLP Law Firm


Geldards LLP are one of the UK’s leading law firms, established over 100 years ago, they have offices across the country.

Remark’s focus was on their headquarters in Cardiff.

With client confidentiality a key area at Geldards LLP, they wanted to ensure that privacy was kept throughout their offices.

Geldards LLP needed an effective solution with minimal disruption to the business

How did Remark help?

Remark Group designed and installed a system to assist in the acoustic properties of the Geldards LLP offices. The Sound Masking Solution improved and protected speech privacy, reduced noise distractions and created a more productive workplace.

The key to the installation itself was the requirement to keep disruption to a minimum as the building needed to function normally throughout.

The Sound Masking Treatment was applied across three zones, with each zone being treated accordingly to the size of the area, in order to reduce the intelligibility of human speech and lessen distractions.

What is Sound Masking?

The sound masking system operates to reduce both general office sounds and conversational distractions to increaseperformance levels.

Consisting of a series of emitterspositioned in the ceilings in and around meeting rooms, open plan offices and shared working spaces.

Planning the solution involves conducting a full and in depth survey of the working area using the ABC’s of acoustic design to arrange the emitters effectively.


Remark provided Geldards LLP with a full Sound Masking Treatment solution across their meeting rooms and boardrooms, allowing them, and their clients, to keep the most sensitive of conversations private and confidential.

Customer Testimony

We are very pleased with the sound masking system designed and installed by Remark. The system works great!”