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Installation of Sound Masking to improve customer confidentiality

Installation of Sound Masking to improve customer confidentiality


With offices in Peterborough, Cambridge and London, Greenwoods Solicitors LLP is the largest commercial firm of its kind in the city. With this in mind, a refurbishment of the Peterborough base was undertaken, to ensure the space reflected the needs of a modern forward-thinking law firm.


Whilst the visual transformation was a success, it soon became apparent that sound privacy had been compromised with the installation of floor-to-ceiling glass walls to the suite of meeting rooms.

With client confidentiality potentially at risk, Greenwoods needed to find a solution. Various physical sound-proofing options were considered but it was felt these would have a negative impact on the appearance of the structures, as well as causing unwelcome disruption to the business during installation.

“Remark Group provided effective solutions to Greenwoods’ sound masking concerns. The team was straightforward and easy to work with all the way through the process. We have been very pleased with the results”.


Looking for a more innovative approach, Greenwoods’ management team approached the Remark Group, who they were already in talks with regarding upgrades to the firm’s audio-visual systems and installation of video-conferencing facilities, to find an innovative solution.

Remark Group was able to demonstrate the latest in acoustic technology in the form of sound masking.

As Remark Group itself uses the technology in its own glass meeting room, Greenwoods could see first-hand how the system works in practice. 

Sound masking creates an unobtrusive, low level background noise which reduces the intelligibility of speech and other noise distractions where it is installed. As a result, the possibility that confidential conversations could be understood is eliminated.

Appreciating that this system would be a professional solution to the problem, Greenwoods approved the project and sound masking was installed to serve the large open-plan reception area, a total of seven meeting rooms across two floors and the firm’s reprographics centre to reduce the impact of machine noise.

The Installation

The building needed to function normally throughout installation and so disruption was kept to a minimum. The day to day running of the business was not compromised and the project was completed within a week, as planned.

Remark Group used the ambient noise levels of a busy, working office during the commissioning process to achieve excellent calibration of the system. Timely follow up visits ensured the sound masking was working perfectly.

Sound Masking

Sound masking and treatment is an effective method that, when installed correctly, has the potential to bolster acoustical privacy and reduce distracting noises which in turn helps to improve the overall office comfort.

Sound masking systems are designed to deliver an unobtrusive background noise which imitates airflow, masking background noises in the office environment and thereby reducing distractions, increasing productivity and improving employees’ sense of wellbeing at work.

Remark Group’s Sound Masking installation is  custom-designed and tailored to the client to suit their privacy needs and our installations are generally completed out of hours to avoid any disruption to your business. Get in touch today to discuss the perfect sound masking system for your business.

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