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Car Park and Perimeter Lighting Solution

Car Park and Perimeter Lighting Solution

Customer Name

BGL Group


The insurance giant BGL Group, owners of several popular insurance companies, including, are an innovative company. Founded in 1992 BGL employ over 3000 members of staff.


BGL Group needed the existing Central Square Street Lighting and Perimeter Lighting to be replaced:

  1. The old lamp posts were providing a poor light output and a poor quality of light.
  2. They were expensive to operate due to the energy consumption of the lamps.
  3. The old lamp posts and light fittings were not in keeping with the new modern look of the building and grounds.

BGL Business provided a financial budget that Remark adhered to, ensuring the whole project was within the financial target expectations.

“Once awarded the contact Remark carried out the works safely and efficiently in a live working environment with minimal impact to the operation of our site.”


Remark Group used Tamlite Lighting products to install an urban lighting solution at the head office of BGL, in Peterborough. The contemporary building has a modern aesthetic, designed to provide an ideal working environment for staff.

The exterior lighting solution at BGL was designed to provide safety, prevent light pollution and enhance the aesthetics of a building and its outdoor spaces. It is important that there is sufficient balance between these three factors, to provide the ideal outdoor lighting solution.

Providing safety to visitors and staff requires a high level of illumination, to help people feel comfortable in their surroundings. However, uncontrolled lighting can lead to light pollution, which can disrupt the circadian rhythm of residents in nearby housing: wildlife is also affected by light pollution. The Tamlite lighting products that Remark Group installed are innovatively designed to facilitate high outputs, whilst ensuring that the light is directed only where it needs to be.

External lighting also plays an important role in accentuating the aesthetics of a building. At BGL, the building design is enhanced with creative exterior lighting, but the lighting solutions are also functional, to provide sufficient illumination for safety and security.

At BGL, CCTV cameras are in operation. Appropriate lighting will ensure that the footage is clear. This further improves safety and security at the site through the use of urban lighting. The walkways and pavements around the building benefited from LED bollards. These discreet fixtures illuminate the path, and allowing pedestrians to see the space around them, which creates a relaxing environment.

Energy Savings

The previous lighting system used discharge lamps, so the new LED lighting system is over 60% more energy efficient, which will offer BGL significant reductions in energy costs.

The International Dark Sky Association recommends that, at night, car parks should be illuminated to an average of 10 lux. This provides sufficient light for people to feel safe, without causing glare or dazzling drivers. It is also recommended that the ideal colour temperature is ‘warm white’ (<3000K) light.

Lighting Solutions

Well planned outdoor business lighting solutions around premises can be an excellent deterrent to would-be criminals. The strategic positioning of energy-efficient LED lighting can not only deter potential criminality but also improve the external appearance of your building – particularly through those dark winter months. LED lamps can be fitted as low-energy floor lights, floodlights, brick lights and motion sensors – and the wonderful thing is that it will save you money in the long term.

Whether you are lighting an office, warehouse or factory, the Remark Group can help design the perfect solution for your business and create the perfect balance between artificial and natural light.

““We were particularly impressed with Remarks speed and quality of response to our initial request for proposal and subsequent technical clarifications. Their advice on energy efficiency and likely cost savings allowed us to prepare and present a business case to Senior Management which was ultimately approved.”

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