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Full Re-Wire, Fire Alarm System Modifications & Lighting Installation

Full Re-Wire, Fire Alarm System Modifications & Lighting Installation

Customer Name

London Borough of Barnet Council


London Borough of Barnet Council required a full re-wire of a London based primary school to be completed prior to the start of the new school year in September.

The work required lighting, power and full distribution system to be installed alongside modifications to the fire alarm system which included the installations of additional fire detectors and the installation of the full lighting projection systems.


  • Work was to be completed inside of 6 weeks
  • The aged infrastructure of the building, including interlocking ceiling panels and restricted height of rooms
  • To provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance of cable management throughout the school
  • Adapt the existing designs to suit to the building’s structural support


Following the awarding of the contract, the Remark Group performed an intrusive survey of the school and identified issues which would affect the re-wiring of the building and the installation of fire detectors and luminous fire exit signs. To overcome these issues the original design was adapted, including the use of white power coated trunking, to provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance in keeping with the image of the school building, and where practically possible, keeping trunking out of main footfall areas, such as corridors, within the school. The fire detectors and fire exit signs where strategically placed throughout the building taking into consideration the room heights and interlocking ceiling panels.

The full re-wiring of the school with LED lighting and smart light controls, including daylight harvesting, and the present/absent detection technology in the classrooms has allowed the school to increase their electrical efficiency, ensuring savings can be made.  The school was also brought up to the Building Regulation Part L standard with the installation of separate meters for the lighting and power.

The Remark Group’s team ensured the site was handed back to London Borough of Barnet Council in a neat and usable state, including a fresh coat of paint in areas we had worked in to ensure the new school year could begin without issues.

The Remark Group ensured that that our technicians work was carried out in a safe, clean and professional standard to reflect Remarks core principles and values for our client.

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