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Installation of LED Grow Lights In Transgenic Glasshouses

Installation of LED Grow Lights In Transgenic Glasshouses

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The University of Leeds


The University of Leeds was established in 1904, is one of the largest higher education institutions in the UK and are renowned globally for the quality of their teaching and research.


The university needed one of their greenhouse to be fitted with LED luminaire as part of a feasibility study into the performance of the lighting system and the impact on plant growth.

“We are noticing that the plants grow differently and we are having to learn how to use the lights but so far the results are looking good.”


The project consisted of providing and installing 84 PhytoLux LED lights alongside 28 lighting racks units across the seven greenhouses.

Leeds University required 3 of the 4 racks in each of the greenhouses to be adjustable in height so a single pulley system (rigs) was also installed while the 4th lighting array was fixed directly to the fabricated Unistrut.

Remark Group ensured that our technicians work was carried out in a safe, clean and professional standard to reflect Remarks core principles and values for our client.

Many of these new LED lights are a mixture of red and blue which gives the greenhouses this distinct purple/pink glow. These colours are chosen because plants readily absorb light within these regions of the spectrum, making the lights more energy efficient and leading to better plant growth.

Not only have the LED lamps ensured great results from the growing process, they will also save the university money in the long run.

“Although the initial outlay was high, the lights will pay for themselves in just a few years and the amount of carbon emissions they are saving is enormous. Each PGS greenhouse (under the old sodium lights) used to use more than £20K worth of electricity a year. The majority of this cost was to cool down the sodium lights which gave out lots of heat, that in turn had to be got rid of through energy-hungry air-conditioning. The new LED lights produce less than half the heat as well as being 60% more efficient in producing a better quality of light with a very high intensity.”

LED Lighting Solutions

LED lighting is around 80% more efficient and lasts 10 ten times longer than fluorescent lights. Your business will be reducing overheads at the same time as actively supporting the environment. With lighting accounting for up to 50% of a commercial building’s electricity use, the efficient control of lighting across all areas is a vital tool in reducing energy waste. With the use of Lighting Control, Remark can create a comfortable working environment for your employees and enhance your workspace.

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