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Cabinet Rationalisation: Before and After

Cabinet Rationalisation: Before and After


Our client needed a complete refresh of their data cabinets to maximise the efficiency and performance of their network.


The project consisted of removing all the equipment and cabling from the three 42u Data Cabinets in the data closet and replacing them with 2 47u data cabinets, docked with wardrobe style vented doors.


The cabinet was originally in a very precarious state. An untidy cabling cabinet can not only end up costing a business extra money and extra time when you need to make changes to your network, but it can also present other unwanted risks to the business and its staff.

After the installation of two brand new data cabinets the Copper and Fibre Services were reinstalled and distributed between both of the new data cabinets, allowing for one switch stack to be re-installed within each of the cabinets.


Take a look in the after photo; with the new, tidy cabinet the company can prevent office accidents and maximise the efficiency and performance of their network. The colour code will make tracing cables and troubleshooting a lot easier.

The weight of the excess cables could have easily dislodged a connection point resulting in an outage to the connected user. With the patch leads much shorter it creates a tidier and more workable data cabinet and it means that the cables are less likely to tangle and create a mess.

Another benefit of a professional cabinet rationalisation is that the air flow around the equipment is now enhanced so that the equipment can operate more efficiently.


Cabinet Rationalisation is an important service to future proof your businesses and increases the productivity of your business.

  • Future proofing for network upgrades
  • Once a cabinet is organised there is more room for extra hardware and cabling
  • Better visibility of available network capacity
  • Greater productivity for the business
  • Carry out moves and changes with greater efficiency
  • Quick and easy fault finding due to correct length patch cords and colour coded scheme
  • Greater airflow around cabinet and hardware, reduces the risk of network failures

As businesses grow and expand the network infrastructure has to be flexible. Our network cabinet rationalisation service, or tidy-up, can bring order from chaos, and return data cabinets back to their former glory.

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