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Wireless optic link for New College Stamford

Wireless optic link for New College Stamford

Customer Name

New College Stamford


December 2010


New College Stamford is a training and further education facility teaching over 2,000 students each year. The college offers a wide range of courses such as A-Levels, apprenticeships, vocational training and higher education courses. New College Stamford wanted an internal network installed between their main building and another building on site, with links to a number of rooms in the facility.
They also required a new audio visual solution for one of their PC rooms, due to the current system being outdated.


  • Working around a live operating site whilst keeping disruption to a minimum
  • Liaising with the client’s IT department for connection to the existing Data Network Infrastructure
  • Installing a wireless optic link between buildings

Actions and Solutions

We suggested that a wireless optic link would be the best solution for the college, as it allowed for the buildings to be connected without the disruption caused by laying external network cabling. Securely fixed to the top of the buildings, an advanced GeoDesy Laser Link system with a CAT5e voice and data network was supplied and installed.

Additionally, we also provided a complete audio visual solution for a specialised PC room that included projector installation. It comprised a Hitachi interactive whiteboard complete with fixed projector unit and a contemporary speaker system.

A CAT5e network infrastructure was installed across the campus consisting of over 300 voice and data network outlets to integrate with the existing network.

Once all of the CAT5e network infrastructure cables and connecting hardware were installed in accordance with the appropriate sections of BS EN 50174, they were then fully tested to the appropriate class of permanent link as detailed in the sections BS EN 50173 standards guide, with the latest Fluke DTX-1800 cable analyser.

“When we first went to Remark, all we knew is that we needed a reliable method of connecting two of the buildings on our campus. From the outset Remark was able to advise us of the best solutions and the whole process was very transparent. The work was carried out quickly and with minimum disruption to the college and its students too. The system has been excellent, no issues have arisen and we have been extremely happy with the service we received from Remark, from day one.”

New College Stamford

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