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Restoring Confidentiality and Privacy with Sound Masking

Restoring Confidentiality and Privacy with Sound Masking

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Vero HR


Vero HR is a provider of HR and payroll outsourcing services to UK and international organisations.


Vero HR recently moved into their new offices in Peterborough and originally came to the Remark Group for their cabling, video conferencing and access control needs.

On meeting with Vero HR and completing a survey of their office space, Remark Group suggested an additional service to protect the privacy of the confidential nature of their business - sound masking.

“When we originally moved office spaces our goal was to create somewhere very contemporary with technology and wellbeing in mind. We came to Remark Group as we wanted bespoke solutions that would improve the daily running’s of the business.”


Remark Group catered to Vero HR’s technological needs for their new offices, including their requirements to create a modern working environment that encourages collaboration and to be designed to be as comfortable as possible for a productive working environment.

We could see that the employees of Vero HR work closely together in an open, collaborative environment with conferencing rooms positioned close to the open office area. Remark Group offered sound masking as a solution due to the confidential work that they do.

“Remark Group completely exceeded our needs and requirements, the service they provided was a personal service and they had a genuine understanding of our business requirements to provide a bespoke service.”

Before Remark Group suggested sound masking to improve the confidentiality and privacy needs of Vero HR, they originally looked at using double glazing for their glass partitioning of the meeting rooms.

“We’re glad Remark Group offered us sound masking as a solution as double glazed partitions are not only more costly but they also aren't 100% effective for acoustical privacy and we would have still had some form of privacy issue between the rooms”

The level of privacy between the conferencing room and open plan office has completely increased, meaning Vero HR can now have confidential meetings with their clients without having the worry of being overheard or any noise distractions from the outside office.

A confidential, comfortable and beneficial working environment

In their previous open plan office Vero HR had a noise issue. Not only did they have the issues of noise distractions within the office, they also had to be very conscious to hold client confidential calls in private, and there was also the potential to experience background noise when on the phone. Due to the sophisticated frequency of sound masking, this is no longer an issue.

“For us dealing with sensitive information in an open plan environment, privacy is a necessity. Sound masking helps to suppress the noise creating a completely confidential workplace.”

When we asked the employees at Vero HR how the privacy has changed from their previous workplace, 80% reported that the privacy levels have increased. It wasn’t just the privacy levels that the offices benefitted from, but 70% of the employees also found that their stress levels decreased with the installation of sound masking.

It is no secret that noise has a high impact on a person’s stress levels in the workplace. Noise has subtle but profound effects on workers psychologically, behaviourally and cognitively, however, complete silence can be just as distracting as loud environments because it highlights the sudden disturbances.

Sound Masking

Sound masking and treatment is an effective method that, when installed correctly, has the potential to bolster acoustical privacy and reduce distracting noises which in turn helps to improve the overall office comfort.

Sound masking systems are designed to deliver an unobtrusive background noise which imitates airflow, masking background noises in the office environment and thereby reducing distractions, increasing productivity and improving employees’ sense of wellbeing at work.

Remark Group’s Sound Masking installation is  custom-designed and tailored to the client to suit their privacy needs and our installations are generally completed out of hours to avoid any disruption to your business. Get in touch today to discuss the perfect sound masking system for your business.

“We found the support from Remark Group to be really good & responsive. They have a genuine desire to want to help our business develop and are passionate about the technology that they provide.”

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