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How Digital Signage Can Help Make Your Healthcare Facility COVID Safe

Introduction In the age of COVID-19, healthcare facilities have faced a whole new array of challenges, including how they keep...

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How to Improve patient check-in processes with digital signage

Introduction The patient check-in process is the first part of the healthcare facility experience that the patient experiences. This is...

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How can Queues be monitored with Digital Signage?

Introduction One of the major benefits of digital signage is that it can show information in real-time. This is why...

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How Digital Signage Systems Improve Healthcare Services

Digital signage and displays are traditionally used for advertising and marketing communications. Digital displays for videos and images, kiosks, and...

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How Digital Signage Can Help Keep Your Workplace Safe During COVID-19?

Introduction The government’s latest advice is that those who can work from home, should work from home, to reduce social...

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The Future of Digital Displays

Introduction The current global climate is prompting behavioural shifts across the world, requiring both consumers and businesses to adapt to...

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5 ways Businesses can utilize Digital Signage

Introduction Digital Signage solutions is an electronic display platform that enables businesses to create an inspiring and immersive experience for all...

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Spark life into dark and dismal workplaces with Digital Skylight Technology

Introduction Smart lighting is enabling workplaces to adapt their working environment and improve the wellbeing of its occupants.  Lighting is...

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Digital Signage in Healthcare

Introduction The healthcare industry is probably one of the few industry’s where Digital Signage is even more beneficial for employees,...

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The Modern Workplace and Audio Visual Technologies

Introduction In the current situation a huge amount of companies are having to adapt to ways of working they are...

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