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Is poor indoor air quality having a negative impact on meetings?

Introduction It’s no secret that UK productivity has dwindled, in a report from the Bank of England, it was found...

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Air quality in the workplace, the worrying findings

Introduction  We’ve recently conducted a survey that looked at the impact that air quality has on UK office workers productivity...

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The importance of audio in video conferencing

Introduction Video conferencing is one of the most effective and efficient ways for companies to communicate. It saves companies a...

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Why is wellbeing in the workplace so important?

Introduction While it may seem like common sense that better health and wellbeing makes people happier and more focused, in...

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Video Conferencing in Healthcare

Introduction Providing healthcare services in today’s world includes constant pressure to increase the quality of patient care, keep costs down,...

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Sound masking for meeting rooms

Privacy and Meeting Rooms With open plan offices and collaborative workspaces on the rise, meeting rooms are required more and more as...

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Why is indoor air quality so important?

Poor Indoor Air Quality There is a huge amount in the news at the moment about outdoor air pollution and...

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Why is access control so important?

What is access control? Using access control systems in your business can be a simple way of enhancing your security,...

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Benefits of using video conferencing for your business

Introduction In today’s day and age, it is important to find the best collaborative solution for your business. Audio conferencing...

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EV Industry Breaking News

ELECTRIC CAR CHARGE POINTS TO BE INSTALLED ON EVERY NEW HOME Development One Electric Car Charge points to be installed...

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Can Sound Masking Help Tinnitus Sufferers in the Workplace?

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Big Energy Saving Week 2020

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Why a Cabinet Rationalisation Service is essential to the smooth running of your business

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Air Quality and Wellbeing at Work results 2019

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Sound Masking Systems Overview

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