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Copper vs Fibre Optics

Introduction  Assessing which type of network cable is optimal for a company requires consideration of several factors. Both copper and...

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Sound Masking and Natural Sounds in the Workplace

Noise and Wellbeing at Work Noise is one of the biggest causes of dissatisfaction in the modern workplace, whether it...

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Benefits of a Meeting Room Booking System

Introduction In today’s business world, there is a huge focus on collaboration. With offices and co-workers spread out geographically and...

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Electric vehicle drivers at risk by charging from home mains supply

Electrical Safety Report An inadequate public charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in the UK is forcing drivers to take risks...

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Government funded electric car charge points to be smart by July 2019

All proposed home EV charge points from July 2019, will now need to incorporate “Smart” technology to successfully claim the...

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5 ways Businesses can utilize Digital Signage

Introduction Digital Signage is an electronic display platform that enables businesses to create an inspiring and immersive experience for all...

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Spark life into dark and dismal workplaces with Digital Skylight Technology

Introduction Smart lighting is enabling workplaces to adapt their working environment and improve the wellbeing of its occupants.  Lighting is...

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Why Human Centric Lighting can benefit your Physiology, Psychology and Profitability

Introduction It’s no hidden secret that certain lighting can strain our eyes; influence our sleep patterns and regulate how alert...

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What is a Smart Building and how can it benefit businesses?

Introduction It was revealed this week that almost a quarter of us within the UK own at least one smart...

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How can we improve acoustics in the office?

Introduction Just lately, you may have noticed that we have spoken a huge amount on how noise impacts offices workers...

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Restoring Confidentiality and Privacy with Sound Masking

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Restaurant refresh with LED Lighting and Audio Visual

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A Week in the Life of an Apprentice Part 4

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Week in the Life of an Apprentice: Part Three

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A Week in the Life of an Apprentice

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Can Sound Masking Help Tinnitus Sufferers in the Workplace?

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Big Energy Saving Week 2020

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Why a Cabinet Rationalisation Service is essential to the smooth running of your business

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Air Quality and Wellbeing at Work results 2019

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Sound Masking Systems Overview

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Company Overview

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