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International Noise Awareness Day & Sound Masking

International Noise Awareness Day It’s international noise awareness day which means we get to talk about noise and sound masking...

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Coronavirus and Climate Change may Make Conference Calls the New Normal

Introduction In these times when Coronavirus is dominating the headlines, we’re all having to reconsider the fundamental way that we...

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What is the best video conferencing software for your business?

Introduction When we’re asked what the best video conferencing software is by our clients, it’s a very difficult question to...

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Sound Masking for Healthcare

Introduction Noise and acoustics have a huge impact on patients in a healthcare setting. There has been a huge amount...

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Top Tips for the Perfect Video Conferencing Meeting: At Home and the Office

Introduction Video conferencing can save travel time, increase productivity and has been significantly changing the business world recently. Video conferencing...

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Working Remotely with Video Conferencing

Introduction The way we work is changing. With companies based across the world, remote working and work-from-home policies, it can...

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How does video conferencing benefit your business?

Introduction Modern technology continuously evolves, and with it, businesses that rely on this technology must also continue to grow and...

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Installation of LED Lighting to reduce costs and CO2 emissions

Introduction Lighting is one of the leading high operating costs of commercial buildings. If you have a business and want...

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Google and Microsoft are giving away video conferencing tools due to coronavirus

Introduction The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has pushed more companies and organisations to transition to remote working. Twitter recently told all...

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How to Increase Productivity in the Workplace with Technology

Introduction All successful businesses understand how important productivity is in the workplace. An employee’s productivity can help the company in...

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Case Study with Peterborough Regional College for National Apprenticeship Week

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National Apprenticeship Week: Case Study with Peterborough Regional College

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National Apprenticeship Week: Interview with an Electrical Apprentice

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How Digital Signage Can Help Make Your Healthcare Facility COVID Safe

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Getting Your Office Ready Post COVID-19

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How to Improve patient check-in processes with digital signage

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