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Top 5 Benefits Of Good Office Acoustics

Noise in the workplace is inevitable. But you can control the acoustic environment to help minimise the impact of noise....

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Changing The Office Space Layout: What Should You Consider?

If you’re looking to change your office space layout, there will be plenty to consider. Aside from getting the basic...

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Wellbeing Should Be As Important As Health & Safety At Work

With the British Safety Council chairman declaring that the wellbeing of employees should be as important as their health and...

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How Can Sound Masking Help Neurodivergent Employees?

If creating a more inclusive work environment is one of your company goals, you may be looking to create a...

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What Legal Obligations Do I Have To Provide Speech Privacy?

The open-plan office revolution solved the problem of physical collaboration and communication barriers. However, it also created a new problem....

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How Noise Affects Employees in the Workplace

Introduction Excessive noise in the workplace can lead to decreased wellbeing, lower levels of productivity and cause high levels of...

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How can Technology help with Dynamic Workplaces?

UPDATE: COVID-19 has had a major impact on many working environments, and a need for technological solutions to solve remote...

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The Future of the Open Plan Office

UPDATE: With COVID-19 has come a lot of changes to the way that office work. With people working from home...

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Can sound masking help quiet offices with the return to work?

Introduction With the return to work drawing nearer for many businesses, occupancy rates are likely to be reduced, as more...

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What are the Best Technologies for an Office Breakout Area?

Introduction The open plan office sparks a lot of debate and in our opinion is a concept that is here...

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