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Sound Masking Systems Overview

Watch this video for an overview on Sound Masking Systems and how Remark Group can design the perfect system for your workplace....

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Company Overview

Watch this video to see a short overview of the Remark Group and the services we offer....

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Office Environment

Dr Nigel Oseland discusses noises in the office environment and why it affects us so much....

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Open Plan Offices

Dr Nigel Oseland discusses what we can do to improve the noise issues we have in open plan offices....

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Acoustic Design

Dr Nigel Oseland discusses what can be done in terms of design to improve the acoustics in the workplace....

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Noise Distractions

Dr Nigel Oseland discuss the noises we find most distracting in the workplace....

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Wellbeing in the Workplace

Dr Nigel Oseland discusses how noise negatively affects our wellbeing....

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Privacy in the workplace

Dr Nigel Oseland discusses the privacy issue in the workplace....

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Interruptions and Productivity

Video number four from the Remark Group and Dr Nigel Oseland, discussion interruptions in the workplace and productivity....

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Factors that affect noise

Did you know that whether you are introverted or extroverted will effect how you interpret noise? Listen to Dr Nigel Oseland discuss factors that affect how we perceive noise. ...

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Case Studies

Restoring Confidentiality and Privacy with Sound Masking

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Restaurant refresh with LED Lighting and Audio Visual

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Company News

A Week in the Life of an Apprentice Part 4

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Week in the Life of an Apprentice: Part Three

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A Week in the Life of an Apprentice

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Industry News

Can Sound Masking Help Tinnitus Sufferers in the Workplace?

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Big Energy Saving Week 2020

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Why a Cabinet Rationalisation Service is essential to the smooth running of your business

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Videos & Literature

Air Quality and Wellbeing at Work results 2019

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Sound Masking Systems Overview

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Company Overview

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