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13 things that could go wrong with your Electrical, Data and Business Intelligence and how you can prevent them from happening

13 things that could go wrong with your Electrical, Data and Business Intelligence and how you can prevent them from happening

In light of the infamous and unlucky Friday 13thwe’ve put together 13 things that could go wrong with your Electrical, Data and Business Intelligence and how you can stop them from happening in the first place.

  1. Power Supply Issues Any power supply issues can have a devastating and expensive impact on your business. Having a UPS power back up in place means you will have an uninterruptable power supply providing emergency power should the main source fail.
  2. Lack of Privacy Are you fed up of having your private and confidential conversations and meetings being overheard? Having Sound Masking installed prevents people overhearing conversations, giving you privacy once again.
  3. Cyber-Attacks The national media has been inundated with stories of major cyber-attacks on businesses large and small.  They can be catastrophic if businesses are not equipped to deal with the impact of such attacks.  The best approach is preventative. Every business needs to have dependable IT security safeguards in place to reduce the cyber-attack risk.
  4. Lack of Organisation Getting staff, customers, suppliers and stakeholders in the same place at the same time is incredibly rare and extremely difficult to organise which makes meetings a challenge. The solution? Virtual meetings - Both teleconferencing and telepresence offer businesses improved communications, strengthening customer and staff relationships, and enabling conversation without having to leave the office.
  5. Power Surge An actual spike in electrical current is usually extremely quick, less than a thousandth of a second. Voltage from the surge can vary, from a hundred to thousands of volts. It’s important to note that voltage doesn’t run at a fixed current, it oscillates. That oscillation is inherent to the way electric currents behave, and it gets more complicated when you introduce concepts like three phase power, which provides separate electrical phases in an alternating current. To add even more complexity to the mix, different countries have different standards, and manufacturing of electrical devices can be completed to varying degrees of quality. Ask Remark about providing Surge protection to your business or Home, we’re here to help.
  6. Expensive Energy Bills Energy bill through the roof? Energy efficient lighting can help reduce this. Evidence suggests that LED lighting can be 80% more efficient and lasts ten times longer than fluorescent lights. Your business will be reducing overheads at the same time as actively supporting the environment.
  7. Lack of Security Businesses are always a target for burglary, arson and vandalism. The very presence of CCTV cameras is enough to deter potential criminals. With surveillance access, employees can also take the necessary action to reduce crime risk and alleviate the criminal source quickly and efficiently. Full view of your premises, real-time recording and remote online access by a manager lower your risks and prevent costly incidents such as burglary, fire and vandalism.
  8. No space for meetings It’s the most annoying thing when you’ve planned for an important meeting to the very last detail and then to find out there are no available meeting rooms. Having a Room Booking System will help earmark meeting room availability and reduce the frustration in finding available space to meet your customers or staff.
  9. Electrical Overloading Many older style buildings have only one or two power points per room, so the temptation is to plug in a double adaptor or power board to increase the number of outlets. This is quite acceptable, providing they are used in moderation. The problem occurs when people piggy-back one double adaptor on top of another or plug double adaptors into power boards and even power boards into power boards! This is guaranteed to exceed the circuit’s amperage and is a fire waiting to happen. The alternative is to only use appliances one or two at a time, to turn appliances off or unplug them when not in use, or ideally to have an electrician install another power point in the room.
  10. Lack of Communication In today’s consumer-driven world, none of us can underestimate the value of being able to interact and engage directly with our target audience. With so many competitors out there, it is crucial that the engagement with our target audience is effective and focused. So, what is the best way to do this I hear you ask? Digital Signage. Digital Signage enables companies to showcase multiple products in one place, highlight price comparisons, stage launches, and promote both offers and incentives. It’s the perfect way to shout about your business and its offerings.
  11. Internet Connection Slow internet connection is something we have all experienced and the right solution for you, really depends on your business. Whether to have point-to-point connectivity or wireless solutions is a decision that should be made by experts who have extensive experience in integration and infrastructure, otherwise you could be stuck with slow internet connection for a long time.
  12. Unwanted Intruders Have you ever had unwanted intruders on your premises? This may come as a shock for some of you, but it is a common occurrence across companies that don’t have the right controlled access systems in their buildings. Strictly controlling access to commercial premises, businesses and single-family homes is essential to ensure the protection of people and property against possible intrusions.
  13. Cold Weather Conditions Weather conditions in this country are very temperamental and keeping your business running smoothly in all weathers is vital. You cannot control the weather, but you can control how it affects your business. Pipes freezing over is probably one of the most common disasters that happen due to freak weather conditions. Trace Heatingcables are clever electric heating elements designed to provide focused and controllable heat. These heating cables can be used to prevent pipes, outdoor taps and gutters from freezing, or to maintain a desired temperature on pipes to keep liquids moving, or for use with vessels which require temperature maintenance.

If you have any questions or queries about the topics raised in this article, do get in touch.

Happy Friday 13th!

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