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A Week in the Life of an Apprentice Part 4

A Week in the Life of an Apprentice Part 4


It’s our fourth and final apprentice’s turn to let us know what it’s like to be an apprentice at the Remark Group.

Today the spotlight is on Liam T and he will be talking about his time working on a cable containment project as well as lighting. Like Greg, Liam T is working towards his electrical apprenticeship with Peterborough Regional College.

Fun fact about Liam is that he absolutely loves football!


On Monday I was working at one of our regular customers where they were containing the cables above the suspended ceilings above the main corridors and walkways. The existing cables were not secured and in the event of a fire the cables may drop down and block fire escapes for people leaving the building or fire fighters.


Tuesday was very much the same as Monday, as we were carrying on where we had left off from the previous shift. We went to the office to pick up some materials before we started our shift and carried on tidying the cables above the suspended ceiling.


The job in hand is a very large job and we’re still in the first phase, so you guessed it, we were carrying on again with containing the cables above the main corridors and walkways.


On Thursday we continued securing cables above the suspended ceilings in the walkways. Once this was finished, we started to install the new lighting solution that had been designed


On Friday I went to Peterborough college. I had a day of practicing fault finding as I have my practical exam next week. This will be my last exam and then I will no longer have to attend college one day a week. This means that I can start focusing on finishing my NVQ side of the qualification which is done in the workplace. Once this has been completed, I have to do a final build and I will be qualified as an electrician.

That’s it from our apprentices this week, but if you do have any questions for them or us then send them through and we can get back to you.

If you’re interested in being an apprentice at Remark Group, get in touch today and let us know why you think you would fit in.

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