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Case Study with Peterborough Regional College for National Apprenticeship Week

Case Study with Peterborough Regional College for National Apprenticeship Week

Fourth Year Electrical Apprentice: Greg

Why did you choose to do an Apprenticeship? And why did you choose your company?

I chose an electrical apprenticeship as it’s the best path to become a fully qualified electrician and learn the tricks of the trade whilst gaining an education.

I chose Remark Group as they offer a huge number of services and solutions, I thought it was the best company to gain knowledge about everything within the industry and more.

What have you learnt whilst enrolled on your Apprenticeship?

As well as the electrical skills that I’ve needed for my apprenticeship and to become a qualified electrician, the apprenticeship helps you with a lot of life skills. I’ve had the opportunity to deal directly with customers and clients, which has been a huge learning curb for me.

What advice would you give to other would-be apprentices?

Always come prepared and listen to the project manager and electrician on the job. They have so much experience and knowledge and they want to help you progress. I would also say to ask for help if you need it, apprenticeships are about learning and the people around you want to help.

Would you recommend Apprenticeships for other students?

Yes, I definitely would. I think apprenticeships are great for those that don’t want to follow the traditional A-level pathway and for learning new things you wouldn’t necessarily learn in the classroom. Definitely do you research first and look into different apprenticeship programmes and companies that offer an apprenticeship, find the right one for you.

What are your next steps?

To become a fully qualified approved electrician and continue my learning of the trade. It’s an industry that is ever-growing, which means there’s always going to be something to learn.

Our Project Manager had a few words on Greg and how well he is doing:

"Greg is an excellent team player and although still young he offers constructive views and suggestions to senior team members. He is a good communicator in all senses i.e. he is able to vocalise his thoughts but also actively listen to others in order to fully understand work requirements and company requests."

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