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Data, Fibre and Audio Visual works for E-Leather

Data, Fibre and Audio Visual works for E-Leather

Following a recommendation, E-Leather contracted the Remark Group to design and undertake the installation of a Data Network Infrastructure, Fibre Optic Link and an Audio Infrastructure Solution, within their newly refurbished office.


  • Remark were tasked with designing a suitable data and fibre infrastructure solution to suit to new working environment lay out
  • Locating a suitable Audio Visual solution that would suit the new office furniture and would integrate into the new storage display walls
  • Working around a live operating office and factory environment as to minimise disruption to the business
  • Liaising with the client’s IT department for the Data Network Infrastructure
  • Working alongside other contractors on site in a safe and tidy manor

Actions and Solutions

E-Leather required a company that would be able to carry Data, Fibre and Audio Visual works without the need to use multiple companies for each discipline. After carefully planning the project works to ensure a suitable solution was presented to E Leather, the systems installed by our highly skilled engineers exceeded their expectations, whilst remaining within the budget that had been set.

Due to the wider scope of works that where being undertaken, Remark worked alongside several other contractors in a controlled and safe manner. This allowed the project to be delivered within the timescales set to ensure all contractors completed on time. Remark ensured that that our technicians work was carried out in a safe, clean and professional standard to reflect Remarks core principles and values for any client installation.

E-Leather reported that they were delighted with the Commercial Display Screens that the Remark Group procured and commissioned, and the design that went into ensuring that the installation into the new office furniture and storage walls, provided a fantastic outcome. When asked about the project, E-Leather commented that ‘we couldn’t even tell Remark had been onsite’, which is a testament to our technicians and project managers, ensuring that all went smoothly with an installation that combined may of the core services Remark offers.

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