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Digital Communications Boards for manufacturing company

Digital Communications Boards for manufacturing company

Our client had a requirement to digitise their communication boards throughout the factory to enable them to communicate there KPIs to their staff more effectively. Remark were able to provide a solution to facilitate this.


Thirty areas of the client’s facility required a range 55” or 84” Digital Display Screens, with the majority being Touch Screens. This tasked Remark to install suitable support structures to each of the 30 locations to enable these screens to be installed correctly.

Each screen installation required a power supply and data infrastructure outlet, along with bespoke fabrications. Remark worked around the factory, which remained live throughout, to undertake these installations in a safe manor as to not affect the working factory lines.

Project Overview

The client had a requirement to replace the existing Production System Boards within various locations around their Peterborough facility, enabling information to be displayed digitally. Upon an extensive survey and discussions with the client, Remark provided a comprehensive bespoke solution to facilitate the upgrade and move to a digital platform.

Following our initial site survey and investigations, our technical team identified that each new screen location presented its own complexities and challenges for installation, however, with Remark’s extensive knowledge and experience with installations of this nature, we confidently aligned our resource to meet with the client’s project timescales.

Our solution compromised of commercial displays screens which are designed to operate for extended hours, delivering the client the functionality and performance required. The screens were mounted using bespoke bracketry, tailored to each individual location, to ensure optimal viewing conditions.

Outcome and Results

Remark’s client is now looking to roll out the installation throughout their network as they have seen the benefits of digitised communication boards and the opportunity’s this has presented.

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