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Happy 18th Anniversary!

Happy 18th Anniversary!

We'd like to say a huge congratulations to our Director, Vicky, who has now been with us for 18 years!

To celebrate the anniversary, we asked her a few questions about her time at the Remark Group.

1. What was your original title when you first started? 

Office Junior! One of the reasons for my longevity at Remark is the fact that I’ve had such varied roles within the business, it’s been like starting new jobs and learning new skills throughout my time here.

2. Can you name a moment that is most memorable for you at Remark? 

There are so many memories, some of which are unmentionable!!  The times we have relocated premises have always been memorable, we’ve had 4 offices in my time, but by far the best and significant was our more recent relocation to our new purpose build offices at Kingston Park.

3. Is there anything you are most proud of that you’ve done over the past 18 years with remark? 

When joining back in 2000 there were only 6 employees and I had the opportunity to make my own mark on the office administration side of the business.  I’m proud of the processes and procedures I put in place and to have recruited such a great team around me and also being part of the development and growth of the business to the position we are in today.  I’m proud to be part of the foundations that make Remark such a great company.

4. What is the most significant change that’s happened at Remark over the 18 years? 

The huge increase in the number of employees and the expansion of our product and services portfolio.

Remark Group's HR Director, comments;

"Wow 18 years! Remark is hardly recognisable from its former self 18 years ago and Vicky has been an integral part of Remark's growth. From a very small team we all worked together to develop and grow Remark to the business it is today. Vicky joined Remark as an admin assistant to support my maternity leave 18 years ago, funny thing is she then went on maternity leave shortly afterwards! I’m not sure either of us really thought back then we would still be working together 18 years later, working so closely together we've  built a very special working relationship and it has been a pleasure to grow the business with Vicky’s support within the company."

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