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How Can Remark Help with Social Distancing Requirements?

How Can Remark Help with Social Distancing Requirements?


Businesses and organisations are investing in technology solutions to help them to safely adapt their working practices, following the UK Government‘s Chief Medical Officer’s advice that social distancing will be needed, at least to the end of the year.

As lockdown eases further, the UK’s workplaces are looking for ways to reopen their offices safely, even if it means having less employees on-site, and with a proportion of workers working from home, to satisfy social distancing. With prolonged periods of working from home looking likely, many employees are now upgrading their home office equipment.

In addition to this, workplaces will be looking for solutions that help on-site stakeholders to stay safe, feel connected, and promote effective hybrid-meetings. We’ve put together a list of our services that can help you and your business to get back to business.

Social Distancing Detection Technology

We no longer offer this service, to discuss your requirements and find out how Remark Group can help your business, contact us today.

Social distancing detection is a recent addition to our services, and can be integrated with your current surveillance cameras. This means you don’t need to worry about investing in new cameras across your facility.

The technology can recognise when people are less than 2 meters apart (which can be further altered to 1 metre, if necessary). It sends real-time notifications to facilities managers when social distancing and health and safety protocols have been flouted. This identifies hot spots and high-traffic areas, highlighting places for facilities teams to implement better social distancing tools. For example, introduce a one-way system within the canteen, or near high-footfall entrances.

The solution can also be linked to access control, to enable occupancy control in and out of buildings, or even meeting rooms. This valuable tool will assist to preserve business continuity, while keeping people safe.

Digital signage screens to convey real-time public health messaging

If you haven’t already invested in digital signage, it’s a great solution for multiple reasons. With the ability to update messages and content on a regular basis, you can inform your employees of news updates, internal messages, and health and safety best practise.

The technology can be updated in real time, across multiple locations and sites, reducing time, money and the environmental impact compared to alternative communication strategies, such as print.

Digital signage also has the ability to be integrated with our social distancing detection for real time alerts and messaging relating to any social distancing policies that have been put in place.

Meeting room booking systems for occupancy control

Meeting room booking systems are more than just a calendar filled with appointments, the technology has significantly advanced. This includes the ability to monitor the capacity of the meeting room, and notify when the room is at full capacity.

As contactless access around offices will become the normal, contactless booking systems are also now a reality. With presence detection integrated with room booking systems, the meeting room status will change to occupied, once entered. Keep everyone safe by displaying the maximum number of people allowed in the meeting room, based on the size of the room.

This technology also helps to provide a frictionless user experience, while limiting the amount of ghost meetings – the solution will automatically free the room if meetings are unattended, making it a worthwhile multipurpose investment further down the line, too.

Touchless Access Control

Touchless technology isn’t only about hygiene and safety. It’s also a way to show that your business is forward-thinking and advanced. After all, who likes being slowed down by an old-school pen and paper sign-in sheet, or a clipboard?

With a touchless visitor sign-in and access control, guests can pre-register on their phone or computer before their arrival; scan a QR code at check-in to confirm their arrival; and proceed to see their host in no time.

Upgrade home office set-ups with our working from home products

If your business is considering making the switch to home working, then social distancing isn’t an issue. We can, however, help you ensure that your employees are set up with the right equipment, and can access solutions that maximise productivity and collaboration.

What’s next?

We pride ourselves in being able to help businesses through challenging situations, as well as the easy ones. If we can assist with your safe return to the office, then feel free to get in touch.

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