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How To Build A Successful Hybrid Working Environment

How To Build A Successful Hybrid Working Environment

If your business is considering hybrid working, we’re showcasing some of the top technology solutions to get this new model of working off to the best start. Without efficient communication and collaboration channels, productivity and the quality of work produced could decrease. But with the right technology, you should be able to grow your business stronger than ever, all while keeping your employees happy by offering flexible working arrangements.

Best Business Solutions For Hybrid Working

  • Invest in the right video conferencing technology

First things first, you’ll need to have the right communication and collaboration channels. This is most important. Video conferencing is one way you can achieve this. With the right video conferencing software, you can effortlessly bring all of your employees, stakeholders and clients together.

Popular platforms, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom, ensure that hosting or joining important and spontaneous meetings is effortless for everyone.

  • Video conferencing rooms

With a purpose-built video conferencing room, you can easily link up all your team members. Offering enhanced clarity on visuals and audio ensures that nothing important is missed. With sound masking, the quality of your audio can be improved further - ensuring confidentiality and that no distracting sounds from outside the meeting room interrupt the conversation.

Auto-framing is a smart piece of technology that automatically adjusts the camera to focus on whoever is speaking. The movement is gentle rather than jerky to ensure a smooth, pleasant visual experience. The result? All your meeting participants, including those who aren’t in the office, will feel closer to the conversation and more engaged.

  • Room booking software

Room booking software is not just for ensuring your team is clear on when and where in-house meetings are occurring - it will also notify and update schedules from across all your employee’s calendars - including those that are working remotely. This ensures that your employees will not be unnecessarily interrupted when in a meeting.

  • Web conferencing

Web conferencing solutions allow you to easily share documents among employees, clients and stakeholders. In this way you can work creatively and collaboratively, and easily share ideas and work.

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