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Installation of Electrical Supplies to a new School

Installation of Electrical Supplies to a new School

Portakabin engaged with the Remark Group to design and undertake the installation of electrical supplies to a new school currently being constructed next to London City Airport.


  • Ensuring the site infrastructure installed was suitable for future site deployments that were still in planning stages
  • Managing the liaison and of tight deadline for UKPN supply to be live in time, including supporting main contractor to ensure transformer base was constructed correctly
  • Difficult cable routes due to the nature of the building
  • No existing power to the site

Actions and Solutions

Remark strategically planned this complex project to deliver all aspects of the work for Portakabin to supply section of the school.

Our dedicated Project Manager established and maintained communication links between all parties to ensure project was delivered on time and within budget.

The work included UK Power Network installing an 11KV transformer substation on the site and Remark supplying the 500 amps 3 phase supply from this to the main distribution panel and then installing submains to each of the distribution board.

To ensure the site infrastructure was suitable for future use, Remark worked closely with the design team to ensure there was sufficient capacity for phase 2.

We liaised with Portakabin to achieve a non-obtrusive cable route for multiple sub main cables.

Remark UKPN had to install an extend the High voltage ring into the site and install a new transformer to supply the site.

During the project there were a number of changes to the original loading requirements to the building. Remark were able to reactive responsively and obtained key materials within 24hours to keep the project progressing.

There were also many Health & Safety restraints to work around. We assessed the risks with the onsite management teams to ensure suitable RAMS were in place and works were undertaken in a correct and safe manner, putting the safety of the working individual’s foremost.

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