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A Week in the Life of an Apprentice

A Week in the Life of an Apprentice


It’s our second day on National Apprenticeship week so it’s time to shine a light on our next apprentice, Liam.

Liam has been with us for around six months now and is currently working towards his level four apprenticeship through JTL.

JTL are not-for-profit charity, offering advanced apprenticeships in electrical installation, engineering maintenance, mechanical engineering services comprising plumbing, alongside heating and ventilating.

A fun fact about Liam is that he loves his caffeine, and we can vouch for that here at Remark, you will not see him around the office without some form of caffeinated drink in his hand.


It’s a late start to the week this week as it’s night shift time. So, after the lovely lie in, I met the engineers I’m working with on site to sign in at security. Once we’ve signed in and know where we are going, we unloaded the tools and equipment off the van and set up in a safe area.

We were relocating the wireless access point so needed to investigate which wireless points need moving and where to. It was quite a simple job and we began moving the wireless points by taking down the old units, replacing the patch leads and moving the access point to a more central area in each of the rooms that needed relocating.

As this job needed to be done without creating any disturbances to the daily running’s of the business, we had to start the job after everyone had left the office. By 2am we are halfway through the job so we had a tidy up and packed away the equipment ready to finish the job the next evening.


You guessed it – another lay in! Much like yesterday, we checked into the site and continued with the work we started.

My apprenticeship is through JTL so instead of going into college on a weekly basis I do a lot of it from home and have to check in with my representative to see how I am getting on with my course. Today was one of the days that I am meeting with my JTL representative, so halfway through the day I take a break to talk about my progress on the course.

Once we had finished and I had eaten my lunch it was back to the engineers to assist with completing the job. Thanks to the smooth teamwork and dedication, we managed to finish the job promptly and to a great standard.


As I started the week on a night shift with the wireless access point relocation job, I was put on another night shift job with another customer, this time it was installing new corridor lighting.

This time I met the engineer I was working with at the yard to load the appropriate tools and equipment we needed to complete the job into the van. We then proceeded onto the customer ready, so we were ready to start the job after their employees had gone home.

Once we had signed in and acquired our permits, we headed to the corridor where we were replacing the existing fluorescents light fittings with modern LED bulbs. Before we started anything, we double checked the drawings and walked through the corridors to mark where we needed to install the new light fittings.

The project itself is quite a big one so we were pulling cables as part of phase one to later install the intelligent lighting solution that had been designed to replace the dull lighting that they currently have.

Once all the cables were in place ready for the new fittings, we then proceeded to take out the old lighting and tiles where needed. We then took the old fittings and any waste back to the yard.


Thursday was very much the same as the day before, we arrived at site to be checked in a receive our permits so we could start work as soon as everyone had left site.

We continued to the pull cables and take out the old fluorescent lighting in further corridors to get everything ready to install the new LED lighting solution.


Today was a day shift but we started a little later at 10am due to being on a night shift all week. We were shift testing data points and running new cables at a different customer today. When I arrived at the yard, we made sure we had our load test, patch leads and relevant tools in the van before setting off.

When we got to site, we investigate the job in hard and where we will be working. It’s quite a straightforward job so we begin testing data points and recording the results. Once we had all the results, we needed it was back to the yard to unload, help clean the warehouse and home at 4pm ready for the weekend.

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