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Press Coverage: Electric vehicles - an uphill fight

Press Coverage: Electric vehicles - an uphill fight

With the UK government backing a shift to zero-emission vehicles, a new survey has found mixed views on the switch to electric amongst UK office workers.

A poll of over 1,000 people for the business services company Remark Group found that only 13% currently drive an electric or hybrid vehicle to work. Overall, those who were aged 55 – 64 were less likely to want to own an electric vehicle. Fifty percent of those in that age group said they would never consider owning one, compared to 22% of those aged 16 – 24 and 20% of those aged 25 – 34.

Despite that, there are concerns about current conditions: 69% of the survey group believe that more should be done to limit vehicles being allowed into UK city centres.

Remark suggests that one reason for the relatively low interest in the electric option could be the fact that there have been concerns over whether the UK will have the infrastructure in place to provide for the rise in these vehicles by the government’s target date of 2030. With the need for EV charge points on the increase, it is surprising that the same survey found only a third of workplaces offer electric vehicle charging points.

Russell Howland of the Remark Group, which installs EV points, said: “With the number of electric cars on UK roads growing significantly over the last five years, from just over 3,000 in 2012 to more than 130,000 today, the need for an electrical infrastructure to support the changeover to EV is imperative and it’s worrying to see that only a third of companies provide their employees with an electric vehicle charge point. This could be having a huge effect on their decision to actually own an electric car.”

Read the article here on I-FM's website.

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