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Press Coverage: Sick buildings: a draining atmosphere

Press Coverage: Sick buildings: a draining atmosphere

New Law Journal cover our latest survey here.

Sick of meetings? It may be meetings that are making you sick, according to research by business technology experts the Remark Group.

The results of Remark’s ‘Air Quality and Wellbeing at Work 2019’ survey suggest that ‘sick building syndrome’—a phenomenon that emerged in the 1990s—is making a comeback. Among more than 1,000 UK office workers surveyed, 86% suffered headaches at work, while 91% experienced tiredness or lethargy. Some 78% reported dry, itchy or watery eyes, 76% suffered a dry throat and 70% had itchy or irritated skin. Only 11% described their sleep quality as good during the working week.

Expressing shock at the results, environmental psychologist Dr Nigel Oseland said: ‘Everyone has the right to work in a healthy workplace.’

To improve life at the office, Remark suggests regular screen breaks, going outside during lunchtime, reducing stress, opening windows, installing air purifiers and creating living plant walls.

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