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Remark Group's Highlights from ISE 2020

Remark Group's Highlights from ISE 2020

There’s only one thing that February means to us in the AV world – Integrated Systems Europe show, or more commonly known as, ISE. The Remark Group took a trip across the pond to visit Amsterdam for ISE 2020.  Being the world’s biggest AV show, the team at the Remark Group were very excited to see all the new technology on display.

Being such a big show with so much to see, this would be a very long read if we went into everything that we saw at the show, so the team have put together a few highlights from the week. Unfortunately, they didn’t make it to the opening reception as their flights were cancelled due to storm Ciara. They did, however, make it in time for the first day and the show opening at 10am.

On the first day of the show, the Remark Group team headed over to the Biamp’s stand to check out their latest piece of tech, crowd mics. In Biamp’s own words “Crowd Mics is the premier interactive presentation system tailored specifically to include presentation participants in a collaborative, natural way.” It was great to discuss this new product with Biamp and if you want to find out any more information on Crowd Mics, make sure you get in touch with our AV team. As well as Biamp, the team headed over to the Joan stand. Joan is a room booking management solution, the solution is designed to work straight from the box and is made to be as simple as possible. The team at Joan showcased how the software can also work as digital signage and kiosks as well as a room booking management solution.

Of course, ISE isn’t just about the exhibitors, it’s also about the talks and seminars they have on offer. One of the talks they attended was the Human Centric Design hosted by Cedia. The talk was looking at the term ‘human-centric’ and not only applying it to lighting, but to the whole workplace. The talk looked at design complete human-centric solutions for the workplace to enhance productivity and wellbeing.

BenQ were another exhibitor the Remark team took time to visit. They were showcasing their new Duo Board which allows users to bring their own portable devices with a built-in camera and array mic to allow for direct video conferencing. The two screens allow for collaboration with the ability to use them as two separate screens or as one complete solution. After taking a look at the Duo Board the team headed over to BenQ’s immersive projection environment, with projection mapping and surround sound – you can see a small clip of this experience in our video to the right.The show ended with the Hola Barcelona event. The event looked back at the show’s beginnings and it’s time at Amsterdam before moving onto the future and the move to Barcelona next year. The team will miss the RAI and Amsterdam, but one thing can be sure with the show moving to Barcelona – the weather promises to be much better.

These are just a few highlights from the team at ISE 2020, you can head over to our twitter page to see what else they got up to during the week.

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