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Remark introduce Noise Control Barriers

Remark introduce Noise Control Barriers

Losing power can be problematic. Whether it's a planned facility upgrade, disaster recovery or maintenance test, Emergency power systems provide efficient, reliable, and cost-effective rental power to a wide range of industries.

An unfavourable side effect of emergency power systems is that they can negatively affect both your employees and surrounding business with noise pollution. Reducing noise pollution around your generator is not only vital to the wellbeing of your employees but it also reduces the likelihood of complaints.

Acoustic sound barriers are the most effective temporary noise control for generator sets, reducing the racket by up to 80% creating a much healthier workplace.

We have introduced Emergency Power Systems and Acoustic Barriers into our services, we can design and supply an acoustic barrier solution for your generator system to ensure that the full benefits of temporary power can be achieved without disrupting local businesses or residents.

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