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Remark sponsor Peterborough Images for the 7th year

Remark sponsor Peterborough Images for the 7th year

It’s been seven years since we started our sponsorship of the Peterborough Images website.

The website provides a fascinating and informative resource and look into the archives of how Peterborough and the surrounding areas have developed over the decades. The image library serves the purposes of education and shares a history of the city via local schools, helping children gain an understanding of the diverse historical legacy of the city and how it has grown over the ages to become the thriving city it is today.

To celebrate the proud sponsorship we selected a few of our favourites from the past seven years.

To celebrate this year, we chose our favourite from 100 years ago. Women War Workers rally in Peterborough on 14th March 1918 with the Bishop of Peterborough addressing the masses.

Let us know your favourite by visiting their website:

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