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Remark Upgrades Existing Manufacturing Client's Meeting Space

Remark Upgrades Existing Manufacturing Client's Meeting Space

The Remark Group has recently completed an upgrade for an existing manufacturing client who required their current meeting space to be upgraded to a full hybrid audio/video conferencing solution which allows any soft-codec solution such as skype for business to be used.

The work undertaken included the installation 4 x 49” wall mounted screens and a HD video conferencing camera to create a seamless dual-purpose video display wall for both video calling and presenting users laptops.

Ceiling grid mounted loudspeakers, designed to replace a standard ceiling tile, were also fitted in the meeting space to ensures that high levels of intelligibility are maintained regardless of listener position within the meeting space. A dual channel wireless microphone system was also supplied with complete audio control such as the ability to adjust level of output for the user.

The entire system is controlled by a revolutionary new cloud based control system from Kramer which seamlessly operates all integrated room devices via a simple GUI running on a fixed 7” Portable Touch Panel.

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