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Staff Training

Staff Training

Remark Group is committed to the training and development of all staff both professionally and personally.

We are committed to ensuring our employees receive all the relevant training they need in order to become continually better at what they do, improving their own and the organisation’s effectiveness.

Over the past few months members of our team have been enhancing their skills and we thought we’d share with you what they have done.

We now have our new and improved fire marshal team at Remark Headquarters, after they all completed and passed their training with flying colours.

Our engineers have all completed and passed their Harness Training, Ladder Training and First Aid Training over the past few months, refreshing their knowledge and ensuring they are compliant with the latest legislation guidelines

As well as these, our engineers are frequently sent on their CSCS and MEWP training to ensure that they are up-to-date on health and safety issues, so we can provide our customers with complete reassurance.

In addition to training for engineers, we also value training for our office staff. We’ve had our Accounts Assistant pass her accountancy exams in Advanced Bookkeeping and Management Costing, meaning she is on her way to becoming a fully qualified Account Technician.

We’d like to say a huge congratulations to everyone at Remark for constantly bettering themselves and improving their skills in workplace safety.

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